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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Making Crows!

i Nicci and Joanna are not being Nasty! They're honestly holding up their burnt middle fingers. These seasoned artists managed to burn themselves with Violette's hot glue gun, to the point of blisters. The swear pot could definitely have been full by the end of our Crow making night!
Violette and Joanna
Violette generously treated us five women to a wonderful evening of ornament making. I say "treated" because she took time to make templates, set it all up and then we used all her supplies except for the piece of boa, a few ribbons that I brought. Plus she hosted it, and we made one heck of a mess with modge podge and glitter!
Unfortunately I didn't snap a photo of Linda before she left. But the head of her crow managed to show up in one the of pictures. Linda put two eyes on her creation. We all deviated from Violette's original template. But thats' what you get with six artists in a room. A different flavor from each one!
Me, Joanna, Nicci and Pepper
Violette bravely stood on a very high chair so she could take a flattering picture of us holding our masterpieces! We had appetizers, baking, a bit of holiday cheer and loads of giggles.
Are we having fun or what? If you were a fly on the wall you'd be surprised how raunchy a bunch of crow making women can get! Violette will be presenting a youtube Video of us creating our crows. It can take four to five hours to edit the video so it may be a few days before it's posted. I'm hoping she blocks out the sound, but again I'd never want to hold back the creative process!
Joanna the Labyrinth lady poses her crow with the labyrinth influenced halo! Joanna added a little gold ribbon in with the boa, she also used hair spray to hold the glitter onto the crown of the crow! I followed suit using an iridescent glitter.
Nicci presents her lovely blackish blue crow, done with her distinctive eye and glitter squiggles!
Years ago my friend Chris decorated a gift with this large chunk of purple boa that Pepper, Joanna and I used to embellish our crows.
Note that Pepper did her Crow facing opposite to ours!
I was wondering if that was a left brain action.

This is my crow but it's not a very accurate photo! Looks very pretty on the tree. Thank you Violette for hosting such a wonderful evening! For taking your precious time, (which I know is very rare these days), to set up such a great project for us! You will never quite know how much this night meant to my daughter who had an extremely disappointing Sunday! You were a real Christmas angel when you made her that button. Sometimes it's those small gestures of love that really make the difference!
Love to you Violette for giving so much to so many!
Violette feel free to use any of these photos on your blog!


artbrat said...

All of the crows turned out spectacular. I'm so happy that all of you were able to take time out to have so much fun at this busy time of year. Your post has me wanting a girlfriend adventure. Thank you for sharing.

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

OOOOH!!! How fun fun fun!! And look at those crows! They are fab! Love yours!! And those poor burnt fingers!! ;)

KaiBlueCreations said...

what a wonderful evening Sherri!! Thanks for sharing in the creativity and fun.. I love the results..:) Isnt it neat when things inspire?

PEace n hugs, Kai xx

MissKoolAid said...

Looks like you gals had a wonderful time. All of your crows are fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

I can absolutely imagine this evening....there is just nothing like good friends and art at the very same time! How I wish we could ALL have descended on the Magic Cottage to laugh and create! Those ornaments are all fantastic and I love that you each put your own special something in to them!

Anonymous said...

They all look fantastic. Also looks as if you girls had a marvelous time. Love Hugs and Blessings

Gemma said...

Violette rocks. So cool for you all to have fun creating! The crows are awesome....love the purple boa!

tumblewords said...

I could fall in love with crows - for the first time. They are a delight and the party looks stupendous - burned fingers and all.

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