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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ladies Christmas Craft Night at Violettes

Merry Christmas to those who Celebrate, and Happy Holiday to the others!

Please take a peek into my artistic world of a Night of Crafting with other artists! Violette took seven hours to edit this wonderful video of us making a Crow ornament! I think she did a beautiful job. If I remember correctly this is also Violette's favorite Christmas Carol!
So glad she used it to block out our goofy chatter! Enjoy!

If you want to view this video without the little interruptions then click straight through to youtube! For some reason it seems not as smooth on secondary websites!

Violette sent us home with these lovely hand crafted collaged candles that she made. She took "mother daughter day" pictures from my blog and printed them off!
Then enhanced them to commemorate our special day together adding a few words, lots of glitter and I suspect a little love is nestled in there somewhere too! We were thrilled and Pepper lit them as soon as we got home! This is a nice gift of love to share with friends! I plan on embedding a tea light into the wax so we can savor the art as long as possible!
Pepper has collected special buttons since she was a wee child, Violette surprised Pepper by producing an image and button maker so that Pepper could make a button which doubles as a key chain! With persistent I was able to get some photos of the candles and button. It took way too many tries!
Nicci gave us these two original brushedwithmagic designed Christmas trees that she made! Aren't they adorable? We love them too! Life it GOOD!!!


altermyworld said...

Oh wow how magical this wonderful night was, and i am so glad you shared it with me.
MMMMMMMMMMMMMM good friends.

Lucy said...

LOVE the video! You and Beautiful pepper look even better with movement! What a wonderful festive get together! Wish I could have joined you Sher! xo

Kate said...

what fun you gals must have had. It looked like a blast.


MissKoolAid said...

Violette did a great job with the video but of course, she couldn't have done it with all of you there!

All those gifts are beautiful. You are very lucky to have such wonderful and artistic friends.


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a wonderful video! I'm so glad you and Pepper got to enjoy this fun artsy celebration together. I love the candles that your friend made for you both - mother & daughter are so beautiful! Peace, love and merriest Christmas wishes to you and yours. xx, JP/deb

tumblewords said...

Beautiful people! Lovely crafts and an especially fine holiday treat!

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