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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snippets of Christmas

Pepper waits early last Saturday morning for the bus, gleefully enjoying the snow!
A random snowfall, makes our celebratory day white with fluff!
Bryan also waiting for the bus, amused with joy of snow!
My brother and his wife hosted a Christmas dinner on the Twenty second. Prime Rib which I'd not had in probably seven years! Hard to believe it used to be a weekly meal when I was a meat wrapper! I must say I probably enjoyed it most of anyone there!
My daughter and her cousin! Both girls are so much like my mom! Even though there is a seven year age difference, I know they will be great friends one day! You can see they do adore each other!
Here I am caught off guard in a very candid picture, practicing for the far future when I become a grandma. We all had instant chemistry with that little guy, he's my brothers friends son. He just turned one, but his eyes tell me he is a wise old soul a lot older than his age!
Pepper plays dress up with a few items one of the little girls received as a gift!
That hat really suits her too!

This photo is the mirror image of a 1950's photo I have of my aunt hamming it up! Why is she trying to bite her foot! I'm usually the one with my foot in my mouth!
More goofy girl syndrome!
Of course we have to capture it all in case we have to blackmail her down the road!

My sister in Law and daughter, playing girls gone wild without the nudity!
This is my Christmas eve dinner on the 24th. A friend brought over my favorite tea, my sister in law gave me some ribs from her work luncheon. And those turtles topped it all up! Yum... another thing I haven't had for years is baby back ribs! Aren't I spoiled. I think so!
All that scrumptious food is why I look like this!
Yes this is me getting ready for bed!
I have wings because at times I am an angel and dawn beautiful gold wings.
I hide my devils horns of course. Don't we all?

More big bummy mummy dancing with sugar plums in my head and on my butt

I usually wear panties, but I was just getting into the bath ( with my shoes on of course) and I wanted to show you my wings full on!
Aren't they pretty...yes I grew this gold set especially for Christmas!

My SIL bought this angel for her tree... I was surprised to see a chubbikin in their fat free house! I think that Angel might be smuggling in some goodies. Apparently Megan loves her, and so do I!


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures, you have such a warm and loving family. The ornament of you as an angel cracks me up. LOL

Hope your weekend goes well.

Janet said...

Pepper looks adorable in that first photo with the snow on her hat. Looks as if you had a pretty darn good holiday! Fun and family and friends....that's what makes it good. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chubby little angel!

tumblewords said...

I really envy the fat-butted angel - my whole backside disappeared last year - well, actually, it reversed itself and has become my frontside. Laughing. Loved the pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

So funny, the angel ornament, hahaha!!! What a wonderful interesting blog you post, will be back often to enjoy!
Thanks, Sharon

Gemma said...

What fun...Sometimes my girls and I play dress up, we act like we are outrageous guests on a talk show...and laugh like crazy!!! LOVE the angel,she ROCKS it!
Glad you had so much fun and good food!:-)

Tammy said...

Yummy Christmas snippets! I gotta get me that angel...too cute! I hope your New Year's is just as fun!


Lucy said...

Pepper is ready for broadway! LOVE her fun personality... (you know what they say.. about apples and treees?)
Your Celebration looks fun, relaxed , warm and loving. LOVe the chubby angel! You need to paint her some bloomers Sherrie! Happy New Year sweet buddy! xoxo

paris parfait said...

Such cute pictures! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration. xo

Mary Timme said...

What a cute post. I loved it all. Happy New Year!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful photos - thank you for sharing, dear Sherrie! Your daughter is SO funny :) I love her spirit (wonder where she got that from??) Happiest new year wishes to you all. xx, JP/deb

Lisa said...

Yay for a happy Christmas. I LOVE the chubby angel. hehehehe LOVE HER. You rock.

Pam Aries said...

Cute ..cute post! I love the chubby angel! Here's to a HAPPY 2008!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on my blog reading. The photos are fabulous. The poem is painful and lovely at the same time.

I hope 2008 brings you much satisfaction and many loving connections.

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