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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The True Spirit Arrives!

All photos accredited to my Friend Richard Wiebe
who has a wealthy spirit and knows the true meaning of Christmas!

Thats Richard speaking with a homeless man on the
Vancouver east side of Main and Hastings.

As he doles out the coat he collected for the homeless.
Theses photos speak for themselves, and although heart wrenching, make me more and more grateful for every morsel of love I get!
Richard loves art and can be known to collect it from all over the world.
I am sure he is admiring this mans piece with praises!
Richard has a way of making you feel special no matter who you are!
He can bring a smile to the loneliest souls with his kindness!

As some of you may already know my car broke down a few days before Christmas. The man who fixes it for me is extremely busy this time of year. Well no, he's not Santa, but he comes in at a close second! I called him up, asked a few questions so I could do a quick repair myself. Which I did, short term. I was suppose to call him back if it didn't work but I haven't! He doesn't need the added pressure! I'm leaving it to the New Year!

So my dear Brother who I love more than words, brought over his brand new sleek black car for me to drive. It's just a few weeks old . How many people do you know would do that? I'm not even sure I would. However when he was fifteen I let him drive my brand new car around our complex and he put a ding in it! I made him scrub the wax on my floors as restitution. I don't think I even got mad at him....Now thirty years later he is my Santa relinquishing his car!

We had a lovely Christmas on the twenty second, with my niece and nephew, and friends and family. Food and laughter delicious!

Christmas eve I was driving the kids to work, all bogged down with boxes of Christmas baking, and huge bags they would have had to take on the bus. They were going immediately to Bryan's family after work. Keep in mind it's a family of ten children. They draw names but give to the parents, as well as the two youngest boys. For the rest of the family they made a box of baking!

I was driving along Christmas eve when the true spirit of Christmas overwhelmed me! I was so grateful to be able to drive the kids to work. Grateful that my brother loves me enough to lend me his car. Grateful that I can be there for the kids. Then I realized that having his car for the week, is truly my greatest Christmas blessing!


MissKoolAid said...

These photos make me wish I could help more people! Your friend is a wonderful soul. Very touching post. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Tinker said...

What touching photos and a heartwarming post, Sherrie - your wonderful friend, the 'car-mic' payback from your brother for all those years ago - sending you much love and best wishes for a merry Christmas and a blessedly happy New Year~XOXO

Lucy said...

Such heartbreaking photos Sherrie. Richard is a wonderful soul to try and make a difference. As is your brother. Their suppport really is what it is all about. So happy you were able to help your kids and have a happy Christmas. Hugs to him and to You! xo

Cre8Tiva said...

wishing you many more blessings in the year ahead...blessings and peace, rebecca

Mary Timme said...

For you who have given me a drink when I thirst...ah- angels unaware, but of course, people are not angel, really. Just some seem closer than others. We are so very blessed!!!!!

paris parfait said...

Sherry, thank you for sharing these incredibly evocative photos and the story of your friend. Bless you for always thinking and caring about others. You are an angel! As for your brother lending you his new car - that's wonderful and shows he has a big heart as well. I have two brothers; one would lend me whatever I needed; the other would hesitate. Happy holidays, dear heart! And thank you for your lovely messages, which I hope to answer this weekend. xoxox

Gemma said...

Your brother sounds like the best!!!Sharing and caring ...the true meaning of Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your brother is wonderful! Great post! Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

tumblewords said...

Brothers are the greatest! I'm overwhelmed with the photos of Richard's...and so aware that there's only a small crack between here and there.

Tammy said...

Heartwrenching shots and Richard's love shines through. Great post!


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