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Monday, January 14, 2008

Avril look alike???

Sorry, I know this is a very superficial post, but I had to record it for future!
Peppers situation on the sky train yesterday inspired this montage of photos. Yet another incident that made me laugh out loud. Similarly bazaar to the time a few years ago when she was told she looked like Avril Lavigne, then asked if she could sing. When she informed the young couple she couldn't carry a tune if she had a bucket, they were still taken by her similarity to Avril and invited her to be on Indian Idol, a Bollywood production! Insisting she could even lip sync if she preferred.

Avril Pepper Pepper


When Pepper was in Regina this November she had a group of girls follow her up an escalator to the washroom. That made her slightly nervous. She also heard another group whispering about her as she ate lunch alone in a restaurant! Again referencing Avril.


Avril Pepper

Bryan and Pepper took a trek on the sky train yesterday. During their trip a frumpy middle aged ethnic lady smacked a group of random young woman, alerting them in a gesture of excitement , as she exclaimed, while pointing at Pepper," Look, it's Avril, you know Avril Lavigne" The girls didn't say a word but quickly exited the train! Apparently uneasy having been smacked by an oddly dressed woman!

Avril Pepper

Doesn't matter what province Peppers in she gets reminded a few times a day that she looks like Avril. As much she admires Avril as an artist, she's never tried to emulate her look. In fact Pepper had blond tresses long before Avril dyed hers.My daughter prefers to be a trend setter, with individuality. She ousted her colored hair extensions shortly after Avril started wearing them. Flattered to have the recognition of looking similar to a celebrity, she still prefers to be uniquely herself!

What do you think, similar or not????
Don't be shy you can disagree!

Please pardon my use of these Avril photos which I've taken off the net. They had no accreditation attachments to them. Assuming they are professionally done please take note that I am using them specifically for the sole purpose of personal comparison, not for monetary gain.
Pepper Avril


Cre8Tiva said...

i can see why...she is close in looks...blessings today, rebecca

Lucy said...

There is a definite similarity,,, However... In peppers soulful eyes I see warmth and an old soul and in Avrils.... Air?

KaiBlueCreations said...

Sorry Sherri, but Pepper is WAY Better looking and unique, but hey if Avril wants to copy your gorgeous daughter..
I think it should be alright for Avril to look like Pepper. :)

PEace, Kai xx

MissKoolAid said...

I agree with Kai! Avril looks like Pepper not the other way around!


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