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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Peace Train! Please Join!

Anyone who knows me, is well aware that my favorite symbol is the peace sign. The word can also be found emblazoned in many areas of my home. A loving reminder of how fortunate I am to feel peace in my life! There have been tumultuous years where Peace was an untouchable luxury! Everyday I am so grateful for the peace I enjoy. I pray others around the world can know that same joy!

Jump on the bloggers for Peace Train! There is powers in numbers, please join the peace train so we can collectively make a difference! Visit Carols blog and sign on, then post this symbol to your side bar! Tell everyone you know! Let's give PEACE a Chance!

For anyone who hasn't seen " The U.S. VS John Lennon" be sure to rent the dvd. It's an excellent documentary on how his song "Give peace a chance" made an extensive contribution to ending the Vietnam War!


Gemma said...

I'm on board. Thanks for the link
and for sharing this.

Carol said...

Welcome Aboard the Peace Train! I like your choice of video for this great post :)

Janet said...

I'm onboard! I think this idea is great.

I didn't put the logo on my sidebar because it squished out of shape and I thought I did something wrong but I notice yours did the same thing. Maybe I'll go try again.

Ellen said...

Great post, to me that song exactly represents the spirit of Carol's Peace Train!


Carmen said...

I came via Gemma. I am on board!

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