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Friday, January 11, 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Date"

Locked Up

Years have waned since I’ve had a date

Now I fear, it’s become too late

I’ve fixed myself on a simple life

With renegade thoughts of being a wife

I favor the remote placed in my hand

I prefer to do what I have planned

I enjoy my solace with peace of mind

I stay clear of folks, the menacing kind

I have friends galore, a goddess group too

I’m never bored or without things to do

I’ll admit I’m slower, not always well

I harbor my heart in a protective shell

I’m no longer willing to heed demands

Of an obstinate lover who barks commands

It’s not lonely or lavish to be on my own

No one to dictate, no one to condone

There’s joy, quiet, contentment abound

But I confess, I like a handyman around

It’s not contempt that you hear in my poem

I just desire being single with the kids in my home

But if a man were to giggle in sync with my voice

I just may weaken, reconsider my choice

When I observe many couples it's really quite rare

To see the bliss that I feel within that pair

Seriously though, it's not up for debate

I'm simply not interested in finding a mate


keith hillman said...

I'm with you 100%! I so enjoy being on my own and the thought of sharing my space with anyone other than my computer terrifies me! . Lovely poem and one I can identify with.O

khambagirl said...

I love your poem. Only for me, the last line would be, "I really AM interested in finding a mate!"

gautami tripathy said...

I am pretty comfortable with myself. I am a space kind of person. I hate giving it up..

Janet said...

For many years that was me, too. Then I met HB and the rest is history! But there's something to be said for being on your own and having all that freedom. Thank goodness HB isn't "controlling"...he understands I have to be me.

Lucy said...

this poem is so cute! I hope a strapping giggley handyman comes to your door someday and sways you! hugs and kisses!

barbara said...

I am in complete agreement with you in my own life.

tumblewords said...

Oh, how I agree with you! It's a good life...Now, I couldn't imagine it any other way. But there was a time...:)

Tammy said...

Your life sounds terrific. It's not necessarily good for everyone to be married. I was like you 4yrs ago and yet here I am married. Just make sure you're happy and BTW there are some great guys out there.


Mary Timme said...

I agree too. I like my husband a great deal and we've had 44 years of mostly bliss, but if he died I'm just too lazy to do that much work again. Simple as that!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

You never know what life will bring, but happiness and contentment in the here & now is a true blessing. Peace & love to you dear Sherrie, xx, JP/deb

Sherry said...

I thought this was brilliant!! You are content within yourself...this is a good thing...and then who knows what the future holds but you are not being "bound" by that!

Penelope Anne said...

I love this poem because it shows independence, strength and emotion clearly.

Penelope Anne

forgetfulone said...

I completely identify! I'm remarried (we both have kids who live with us) and I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing, though I love my husband. I miss my independence! I cherished it. I really liked your poem!

Heather Kathleen said...


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