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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Roar for Powerful Words

It was quite the surprise to have the amazing Deb at Janepoe present me with this award for powerful words. One of my favorites so far, because it helps dispel some of the myth from my past. That my words were unimportant.

My mother was an avid reader, always quoting those she read. “They say" had been my anonymous nemesis growing up! All this advice she gleaned from strangers.Often misinformation too. Some anonymous writers, including a few rag newspapers, got more recognition and respect than my actual life experiences and interaction with people. It was very frustrating. So it’s a special honor to have my words finally acknowledged. Thank you so much Deb for such an acclaim. It’s especially thrilling from such a revered writer as you!

In receiving the award you are asked to share three things that you believe make writing good and powerful, then pass the award on to five blogs that exemplify good and powerful writing.
The three ingredients I value are:

Unique Perspectives - which help me to grow and change

Passion- writing from the heart with verve!

Motivating and humorous- the ability to lure the least eager reader with humor and inspiration!

My Picks for this award are
Violette for her ability to motivate people to find their artistic side
Amber for humorously exposing her resilience over a torrent childhood to become an amazing mother.
Tammy for her authentic intimate posts about ALS and her daily struggles.
Rick for his terrific use of humor
Janet for her consistently genuine blog, that exudes humor, love, joy, kindness on a whole consortium of subjects

Often times my writing is actually more cathartic to me than it could be to anyone else. I just wish I could pepper more humor into it on a regular basis. Seems like a small part of my humorous side has faded over the years. Although many life experiences garner constant giggles. Like last week when I went to hem Peppers pants kept threading a needle over and over, only to find as soon as I pulled it through there was no thread in the hole. I burst out laughing when I realized I had only an inch and a half long thread that I was repeatedly trying to thread. Not hard to tell I am a descendant of the monkey!

The wild side

Dormant within

A frivolous rude jester

Goofy youthful harlot

Reckless rascal

Who’d like to

Drive fast

Rebuff housework

Dress vulgar

Drink often

Never cook

Dissuade cares

Is Staid!


Tammy said...

I was feeling a bit down until I received this wonderful award! The sun has returned so I better get back to it. Thank you for the nudge. ;)

You are a pleasure to get to know and your humor and strength always finds a way to touch us in your blog.

Mucho Lovo!

Lucy said...

Congratulations Sher On an award much deserved and VEry appropriate! I find your words not only powerful but also power inspiring! Giggle Power rocks! xoxo Love your poem you reckless rascal you!

Janet said...

When I began reading this post my first thought was "how perfect an award for you" because you do use words in such a powerful way. Then I read farther down and realized you had given me this award!! To say I'm surprised is an understatement! I never think of myself as much of a writer so I thank you very much for this. I'm happy to know that my blog is enjoyed and appreciated. In the words of Sally Field "You like me! You really like me!!"

Amber said...

I am happy you were held up this way. Words are important, and feeling HEARD is important. So important. Keep putting your words here, and then someday some mom will say to her girl,"you know, THEY SAY..." and the girl will ask "Who??" and she will answer, "Giggles." But it will be sage, sage wisdom. ;)

Thank you for "hearing" me. And for kind words.

...I don't know what you would think if you knew I have the kids tied up in the car, while I lazily drink my coffee. ;)


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Great poem Sherrie! "Reckless rascal" ... that's one of those wonderful, say-it-three-times-fast phrases! Loved your 3 ingredients. xx, JP/deb

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on the award. I have to say though that it did NOT surprise me. You deserve this award and sooo much more!!! I am sooo happy for you!!! :)

tumblewords said...

Congratulations! Your work is always valid and appreciated, you know.

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