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Monday, February 04, 2008

Writers Island "Magic"

Writers Island Prompt " Magic" coincided with my daughters Birthday! How delightful, she is in London on business having the time of her life!

"It's been Magic"

“Can you smell a rainbow?”

A question you asked me at four.

Purple Doc martins at eight,

Your childhood metaphor

With the Changes at ten,

Far beyond your control,

You braved the turmoil

Executing a grownup role

Twelve was a predecessor

For how you live today,

When you organized the movers

In such a professional way

At thirteen your spirit owned you

Securing all your might

Listening for obscure direction

That would honor your delight

Fourteen, responsible, reliable

Ethical, delightful, just divine

I was grateful and perplexed

At how god made you mine

Yet I knew he sent you

As a precious reward

To ease my childhood scars

So my soul could be restored

Loyal at fifteen years old

Creative with a unique style

Never following the roguish crowd

Certain people you’d beguile

Winning a leadership rank

At work and school, did pay

Labeled with distinction then

Has brought you here today

Your drive and dedication

In your younger years

Is paying off in a life of dreams

Beginning to adhere

You always chose a higher road

Believing along the way

That you could manifest your dreams

In a distinctive way

Oh there’ve been hurdles

Most would have felt defeat

But something powerful within

You were forced not to retreat

Just like magic, your life

Took a amazing turn

There you are in London

With aspirations to learn

This wonderful expedition

Your manifested dream

Earned by your endurance,

honest ethical regime

Astonishing liberated woman

At the beginning of your success

With a natural business acumen

And a huge world to impress!

You Go girl!

Happy Twenty second birthday my darling daughter

I always knew you were a cut above!

Love you with all my heart and soul!

Stay safe in London, but have a blast

I am so grateful for you!


Tammy said...

This post is an amazing look at deep love. What a treasure to have such magic in your life!


tumblewords said...

A wonderful tribute to your divine daughter's birthday! The pictures and words are truly magical! Mothers and daughters make a perfect combination!

altermyworld said...

Beautiful just beautiful.

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to Pepper!! You truly have a beautiful relationship with her and you're both very lucky. I love the photo of her with an Afro!! This is a beautiful tribute to your daughter.

paisley said...

both of you are so fortunate to have each other... what a relationship built on love and respect you must have.....

Anonymous said...

awww... thanks mom this was such a nice thing to see!!

Mary Timme said...

I'm not doing the Magic one as I've got too much on my plate, but oh this is magical in the best sense of the word. Way to Go!

Lucy said...

Happy 22nd Birthday Beautiful Pepper!!
Sherrie, your perfect words are such a moving, loving tribute to such a Fun, fantastic, 'grown up' little girl! I love the way you took us on a (magical) journey through all her precious years! Simply beautiful, Simply YOU.
The 'mother/daughter relationship' you've painted is one I had always hoped to achieve in either role.
xoxoxo Much Love to you both xoxoxox

keith hillman said...

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing all those special milestones with us. She is truly blessed to have you too!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful of you to write that!You always amaze me. Your daughter is very blessed to have you in her life. Each time that I visit your blog, you have written something that is sooo touching and inspiring. I don't even have words to describe how wonderful you are. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful things with us!

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