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Monday, February 25, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

This is a purse I made for Pepper. My brother is very supportive, and just howled when he saw the cartoon characters. He has been really encouraging, which is a real compliment because he appreciates aesthetics. He also wouldn't hesitate to use contemptible humor to communicate a negative opinion! So I am pleased at his sincere joy in my humorous art! Unconscious Mutterings for this week. Check it out and capture some of your subliminal thoughts! I did these quickly and they really spoke to me. Tyler was a huge surprise, but it means tile maker, and I am happy tiler because I love scrabble. I meet many friends both blogging and playing scrabble.

Going by the movie "The Secret" I like to call myself a winner all the time! So that wasn't unusual! The rest is really pretty straight forward very much how I feel. An enlightening exercise! I think I'll make it a weekly endeavor.

  1. Protocol :: regime

  2. Girlfriends :: Lots

  3. Shoulders :: Big

  4. Coming home :: solace

  5. Let it in :: light

  6. Honor :: All

  7. Tyler :: friends

  8. Thriller :: show

  9. Angela :: Lansbury

  10. The winner is :: me

1 comment:

Lucy said...

The Purse!!! WOW! Great way to recapture their special day, I just Love it Sher!
I went to the mutterings site, very fun! I may post the next one. thanks! ♥

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