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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunday Scribblings " Passion"

This weeks Sunday Scribblings prompt is Passion .....well I am so all over that word. It's me to a tee! This just touches the surface of what I am passionate about....this beautiful ocean, that I visited last Sunday! I love the ocean energy, I always feel refreshed after a visit to White Rock beach!
Couldn't go there without partaking in my second passion, food! Especially the tasty light battered fish and chips you get on the beach. Last Sunday was a bit breezy, our chips got cold, but the sea gulls stood staring in wait. It was a day memories are built on, giggling as we dodged seagull poop.
Passionate about good friends who have lent a loving hand as I save enough to get my car repaired. I can't imagine a world without friends. Especially with the ethic these girls have! I am truly blessed. I hope one day I can repay them ten fold!
But most of all I have been passionate about this dear soul for the last twenty two years. Her security and emotional well being has been my obsession! I'm proud to say not once in those years has she disappointed me. Oh we have our tiffs and we're different in many ways! She is my biggest champion! She supports my art, believes in me, rescues me at times, and loves me with all her heart! Yesterday she made me a drink and we giggled about having that drink, because I can count on my one hand how many drinks we've had together! We are such good friends, and when I can put my mothering to the side, we are even better friends. My child is the daughter my mother always wanted!
My other biggest passion is this guy, whom I have adored for the last five years! His tender and gentle soul is beyond measure. He is just so special and destined for greatness! He is an absolute gem to my daughter!
I am also passionate about making sure these two are happy. I support their endeavors when ever possible. If they get in a pickle I like to be there for both of them whenever I can!
Then there is my passion for stained glass. I have no idea why. I just know my body gets excited when ever I'm around it! I know....weird eh?
Oh yes, this was a passionate moment where my friend and I pigged out on desert. My gosh this was amazing...and NO, I couldn't finish it! I think there was a geriatric convention in the restaurant last Sunday night! I swear every slow guy over eighty was there! Can't blame them with the desserts they serve!

I am also passionate about bright wall colors and my insanely funny brother who just doesn’t realize what an amazing comedian he is! Last night he had us in hysterics talking about the scary ice-cubes some people try to serve. The ones with fresh chicken juice dripped on them, or the shrunken ice-cubes so shriveled in the tray, you know, the ones so freezer burnt they are beyond recognition! His spiel continued, about the poison ice-cubes, a trek to the bathroom and no toilet paper. Of course there are sound affect and physical antics to go along with the whole comedic presentation!

I'm passionate about my Nephew who I promised to blackmail if he didn't act nice in front of the camera. There are six pictures before this one with funny faces, and crossed eyes. I figure he won't like the girls seeing those when he's a teen. Which is right around the corner!

I'm passionate about my niece whose ears stuck out so bad when she was born, I worried a gale wind might cause her to take flight. When she was a toddler she used to ask for " Mommy, daddy ears." They had them fixed soon after. As you can see she's not exactly an extreme make over case!
I'm also passionate about my art, and the colors purple and green!
Heck I am a passionate woman and I could go on forever, about my passion for scrabble, pets, and children. But I won't
So, last but not least I am passionate about my poetry!

Never too late

Suppressed artist contained

Snippets covertly arise

In random poetry,

Vibrant colored clothing

Brightly painted walls,

Fancy cakes and unique jewelry

Smoldering creativity

Furiously begging to emerge

Youth waned, with spirit still dormant

Illness, lost vocation, verbal abuse

Death of loved ones, divorce,

Demise of a valued friendship

Abundant grief reigned

Nearing a half century old

Through the thick darkness

A bud of hope appeared

In a black sharpie pen

Swirling across the page

Producing the unimaginable

Saving my soul from the mire

The artist within was born!


Goodnight, Mom said...

Oh, I do LOVE this post! I'm passionate about the beach, also! And that song from Juno that I will sing in my head for the rest of the day!

altermyworld said...

This post made me cry. I just love how close you are with your girl, how you love your new son how wonderfully insanely imperfect yet perfect it all is.
And of course that pocketbook is gorgeous.
I relate woman i relate. at 37 the artist in me was gently knocking. NOW she is banging in my head, my heart, my soul and i just can't do it all fast enough.

keith hillman said...

Passion just flooded out of this piece! Every picture every word. Just lovely

myrtle beached whale said...

Fantastic and heart-felt post.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Thank you for sharing the passions of your life! Love & peace, xx, JP/deb

tumblewords said...

My smile is a mile wide - I so love your posts, your passions, your photos and your appreciation of all things colorful and wonderful. I love it, love it, love it! Gosh, I hope this doesn't come across as some sort of weird. LOL

Mary Timme said...

What a lot of ground you have covered in a single post. I feel if I comment about one thing I'm leaving the others out! Not a good place. Okay we are going to use a blanket YUM-O! for all it!

gautami tripathy said...

Truly beautiful post. You passions comes through!

chequered shadows

Lucy said...

You are one hot passionate mamma! This poem this post these pics You YOU YOU
I SO enjoyed each scrumptious word! xo

Lucy said...

ONE more comment! Your brother is a real hottie! haha

Amarettogirl said...

i absolutely loved your post and discovering your blog! I'm new to the blogosphere and this is only my second SS. I'm also an artist and I just did a post on stained glass - you may want to check it out under my blog after you reaad my SS(if you care to) But if you're passionate about stained glass, you might really like wha I posted! Also i love the way your art and words find space to coexist together - like me!! I loved reading your post thank you so very much! beautiful poem.

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