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Friday, March 07, 2008

"Purse-onality" Gallery Opening

Community Engaged Art Exhibition

What a phenomenal turnout for the opening of Purse-onality! Facilitated by Deborah Putnam along with Violette Clarke, two inspiring Artists dedicated to evoking creativity in others! The small gallery store was packed for opening night. What started out as a three day exhibit is now running a month long. My purse had it's own little pedestal. I was pretty thrilled about that! A beautiful feature book of all the altered purses, with a blurb from each artist was on display.My poem " Face it" was published on the last page along with the purse. The color on the photo of " Jayna's Wings" was slightly distorted looking more magenta than purple, but the book would still make a really lovely coffee table conversation piece.

Check out the purses posted I'll be posting more about this art show on Sunday. Stay tuned for the amazing art work from the main featured artist Samera .
I feel pretty blessed to have my work on display in the same gallery as hers.
"The Journey" By Violette collaged and painted on a train Case.
Documents the story of Violette's family's journey from Morocco to Canada in 1957.

Back of the Violette's train case!
Violette has been an incredible inspiration to me since I first met her. The moment I stepped into her " Magic Cottage" I felt as though I had walked into my Soul. Finally my great love for color was affirmed and it was the beginning of an Art Journey that brought me to this event, "My first Art exhibition."
"Jayna's Wings" Purple heart representing the brave parents that
endure the death of a child, done in acrylic, then varnished.
Jayna's wings representing the death of a ten month old and all children who have unjustly passed before their time!
" Seeds of Hope" by Sheila
" If I do the work I need to do it with the wreckage of
my past, then I will have freedom to love again"

Left " Kids are Worth it" Vala
Middle " Face It" by me Happytiler along with this poem.
" Doily and Tea" by Maylis " Discoverer" Sam Right corner " Elegant" Colleen Part of
" Inner Child" Suitcase in the bottom corner by Mandy
Mandy also did "Roller Derby Saved My Soul"
A woman who has worked through life challenges,
become stronger and more confident with the
friendship and support of her Roller Derby team!
Left "Glitter Magic" by Freya " Medusa on the Town" by Joanna OJO
Middle" Wanderlust" byAnn- Marie

Right side " Ceremonial Clutch"
by Joanna OJO " Duchess" by Sam

" Burgundy Bliss" Nora " Water" by Penny "Fabulous polka dot Peace Purse" by Freya " A Walk on the Beach" Doreen

"Dance Forever" by Elizabeth how Belly dancing changed her life forever
" A Song Not Yet Written" by Judy she can't imagine a world without music her song has yet to been written
" Beauty Incorporated" by Judy who works in the beauty industry

" My Garden Walk" Creativity creates Creativity says Maylis as she searched for inspiration to create her purse. "Three Purses in One" by Sharon just like the layers of your life, past, present and future. "My life behind the curtain with Aunt Nikki" by Doreen a replica of her life with an aunt who had Alzheimer's disease for over a decade.

I didn't get photos of all the purses as the night wore on it seemed impossible to take pictures amongst the large crowd. If your purse is not represented on my blog and you wish to be, please have Deborah forward me a photo and I will post it!


altermyworld said...

Those pocketbooks are frigging amazing. damn i wish i could have done this, hindsight is 20/20 what an amazing show.
i was wondering where you were i had missed you.

Janet said...

WOW!! That must have been fantastic. So much color everywhere you look. I love the one with the pink boobs peeking out over the black fringe! They're all great. How exciting for you!! I'll be back to see the other photos later on.

Tammy said...

I'm very proud of you lady! What a wonderful showing. :) HUG

Lucy said...

HOLY MOLY! these are amazing Sher! I am LOVING that belly dancing purse! Makes me want to shake and quake baby! I'm beaming that YOU and your amazing creative purse were entered! xo

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