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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Fearless"

Sunday Scribblings prompt Fearless


Shuffled daily down the hall

Armed with rage and irrationality

Scanning the room in search of disdain

Spewing obscenities senselessly

Tumultuous tremors resonate

Befuddled intimates aghast

Paralyzed by the unfounded fury

Apprehensive appeasement ensues

Quickly they bustle to

Calm the boorish belligerence

Restoring order from

Callused insults and absurdity

Angst and anger exit

The instant he departs

Leaving tranquility

To cleanse the abode

Music is tuned in, turned up

Joy and dancing commence

For a few short interval in the day

They court glee fearlessly!


Tammy said...

So you have met my ex? That looks just like him. ;) Excellent poem!


Granny Smith said...

The fiend is fear. Nice poem and appropriate and arresting picture to illustrate it.

Lucy said...

I hope that fiend never returns! great imagery giddy sherrie. Wickedly fiendish picture!
hope all is going well ♥

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Wow, Sherrie! That is profound!

How you guys doin' up there? Spring come yet? We met a gal who is coming to Vancouver in May. I cannot wait until our trip in September! I'm ready right now!! Give the kids our love.

Mary Timme said...

I've never read such saddness from you before. Such a waste of life is it not! These things make my heart mourn.

Beautiful in a way, but truly heart-rending.

tumblewords said...

Love the art and the words are sublime - the phrase 'courting glee' just makes me happy! Really enjoyed it.

Lucy said...

where are you lately Miss Sherrie Baby? I want you to enter my contest.. You never know.. You MAY win two years in a row! xoxo hope you are well.

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