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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Scribblings " Compose"

Sunday Scribblings this week brought to mind two scenarios for the "Prompt Compose" but they feel a bit dark, so I just had to end on a lighter note!


Sniveling in Shock

Soaked and Disheveled

Guided across the street

Seated on a chair

Vomiting at my feet

Mortification magnified

Audience observes

Multiple flashing red lights


I compose myself

To give a statement

My Mother in her uniform, on the way to work

Hospital Room

Flanking the bed

We each hold a hand

Death rattle haunts us

During the vigil

Body heat elevates


Like fresh brewed coffee

We release her hand

Heat rises

Above her silent body

We wail

Fix her hair

And makeup

Compose ourselves

Leave the room

To begin our grief

35TH Birthday with my funny friend!

Composing Hysterics

Huge spider hugs

My windshield

Terror evokes

Wiper activated

Motionless it clings

Inhaling fear

Knowing my child

Will soon return

Panic ensues

I search for a branch

Circling the car

Stranger notes my anxiety

Offers assistance

Relieved I consent

Chuckling he removes

The fake culprit

Lurking in the woods

My friend

The instigator

Awaits a reaction

I bellow her name

In a screech of contempt

As I belly laugh into hysterics

Then compose

Jolted emotions

For the drive home


Tammy said...

Love the new header sweet goddess! I don't mind dark because putting it out there is healing. Your mom was a looker!

You always make me smile in the end. ;) XXOO

P.S. I went dark too.

Granny Smith said...

That's the way I react to spiders. I'm not sure that that prank would have left me laughing!

Amarettogirl said...

You are amazing at composing such narrative and vivid poetry! Great SS post!

forgetfulone said...

Ah, very good! The first was my favorite, but thanks for making me smile!

artbrat said...

You are so gifted in your poetry. Both tears and laughter are expressed so precisely in your words. Thanks so much for sharing.

anthonynorth said...

An excellent collection there. I liked the first one best, but all good.

Lucy said...

Hey giggles is back and better than ever! Love the new design of your name toots! xo

Mary Timme said...

I can hardly believe how much you've put out for one post. What a smorgesboard! Thanks for the goodies!

Tinker said...

Wow - you've really packed a punch with these three, Sherrie.
((hugs)) to you

Tinker said...

Wow - you've really packed a punch with these three, Sherrie.
((hugs)) to you

texasblu said...

All three were fabulous - I think I missed you last wk! Eek! So glad I went back to check! :) I could feel the emotions behind each poem - very intense!

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