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Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Birthday

Gypsy Goddess made this cake, not only beautiful and humorous, it was decadent and delicious too! Note the queen of England stamp on it!
Bryan stands against my apple green walls in his Eighties attire of ripped jeans, found in thrift stores hours before! Hiding under his blazer a leopard print vest mimics characters from the "Breakfast Club" movie for an eighties soirée's at a Vancouver club!
The fairy goddess teaches us we must always make love to the camera
while having our picture taken. I rarely see a bad picture of this woman!

Earth goddess shared a story of a random female senior yelling "help me," ......."help me" in a demanding voice. The florist left her post to tend to the lady whose breast had slipped out of her bra, insisting earth goddess place it back in it's rightful spot. Well, Earth Goddess making union wages is not paid enough to touch some random ladies bare bust in a grocery store! Instead she took the top of the bra strap and jiggled it until the displaced jello found it's cup!

It was a magical night of funny stories and frolic! Connie wore lilac in my honor and brought me a decanter of almond tequila purchased at a tequila plant in Cabo Mexico. Like naughty girls we snuck it into our coffees and green tea! Smooth and yummy it smacked me with a short buzz, that soon dissipated!
Girls just wanna have fun, that we did, celebrating my birthday at our favorite haunt. Although something was amiss. The service has been less than stellar as of late! Portion sizes have shrunk, it may be the universe reminding us we're too comfortable there! Salutations were lax as we left. Which was unusual. No one offered fortune cookies. Possibly time to find a new spot, sadly the food is oh so good! I'm hoping we haven't naively offended them.My intuition tells me something else is going on. I think we'll give it one more try and see if we're snubbed again.Thankfully nothing could ruin a perfect night with the goddesses! Although this birthday ambushed me I must say it's been one of such delight! Thank-you ladies....I had a blast!


JP/deb said...

What a lovely group of goddesses! JP/deb

Lucy said...

These pics just show the fun and love that you are engulfed in, in your peaceful life Sher. Your goddessess are all so lovely and you can see how spirited they all are.
as for Bryan, well what can I say.. the more I see of him and READ his words, the more I am ready to adopt him! He is a real sweetheart xoxo

Tammy said...

The one thing I'm missing in my beautiful mountain abode is live goddesses.

You are very blessed and celebrated my dear. XXOO

BTW I loved the baby illustration.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

that butt and skirt look like mine. stop by I have something for you.

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