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Friday, May 30, 2008

Illustration Friday " Baby"

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Someone I know recently felt something wiggling around their bum, thinking it may just be a hair picked up from a towel after shower. Imagine the surprise when they reached in and found a spider in their bum! True story that inspired this picture for illustration friday's prompt " Baby"


Gemma said...

Hi!!! EEEK a spider!!!

So glad you had a Happy Birthday and that your brother is OK!!! I saw your hi-jacked birthday blog...too cute. Glad you had a decadent cake...you deserve it!!!You are LOVED!

keith hillman said...

It could have been worse I suppose! Did it have eight little blue boots on like the one in your picture?

Lucy said...

I have Willies like never before!! eeehhhooohaaablah!!

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