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Monday, May 26, 2008

No pedestals

Two conversations this week inspired this poem and drawing. So many times people place others on a pedestal with no where left to go but down. Unfortunately we all have different lessons to learn at separate intervals. Even though we may know exactly what to do to be successful in our lives. For whatever reason we find it next to impossible to implement. We all have baggage some worse than others. We aren't all born with the same tenacity, and some people just get tired of the mundane and like to stir things up!

In any case we are all human with complexities galore! So the next time you compare yourself to someone, remember they are not as perfect as you may wish them to be!

That person you put on the pedestal is very uncomfortable knowing they must be perfect to please you! I don't care how virtuous someone is, under the eyes of judgment they are doomed to fall!

Embrace differences, enjoy them, let them compliment your friendships. Look at the positives and forgive the negatives. No one can stay on a pedestal without losing balance eventually!

No pedestals

Don’t put me on your pedestal

It’s a long way to fall

it will only disappoint you

I’m not who you think at all

I’m not as virtuous

As you’d wish me to be

Sometimes I’m just human

With a wild side in me

Don’t put me high upon the throne

As your ideal friend

Ignoring differences we share

You’ll be disenchanted in the end

I have follies like all the rest

Some stay hidden well

But when you discover them

It’s me you may dispel

So make me your earthly equal

To compliment each others charm

Because falling off that pedestal

Can do body harm!


paisley said...

i work with a group of finger pointers... and when ever they are searching for the person at whom they need to point for whatever it is they need to blame on someone else,, i offer myself.. whether i did it or not,, my motto "is perfection is way to difficult... let me be wrong.. it ever so much easier.... ."

Lucy said...

okay okay! You've talked me into it. I will agree to be your earthly equal and Let you down from that scary pedestal! Happy? Happytiler??
although I know I wouldn't be disappointed in you!
btw.. LOVE the new shoes! ♥

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