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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Scribblings Quit

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is " Quit"

No Hope

I waited for things to change

I waited with hope in hand

I searched for support

Compassionate to understand

I carried many burdens

Relinquished just a few

I carried salvation

Eventually I knew

There would come a day

To face the toxic terrain

I’d have to make a choice

To take back my life again

As I contemplated

Situation went awry

Choice was taken from me

No longer could I try

A violent rage arose

Completely unpredicted

A switched flipped to off

Severed a mind conflicted

Gone was the dream

And desire to commit

Gone was the love

I knew I had to quit


paisley said...

this post brings to mind how strange i find that in a non-monogamousness society,, populated by non-monogamous beings,, we still put so much emphasis on commitment and forever and fidelity and all the things that have never in the history of mankind worked out the way we try so desperately to force them to be......

the poem itself is beautiful,, but sometimes things take me places i cannot explain

Lucy said...

And you are an amazingly courageous woman for quitting!
Beautiful poem Sherrie, totally summing up how difficult and disappointing that decision was. But also How Necessary. ♥

paisley said...

i was inspired in many ways to write the poem i put up on ...why paisley??? today after having read this last night...

i have never believed that by nature humans are monogamous beings,, and it is so painful for me to see people going thru such pain in order to preserve something that just doesn't seem to fit into the natural laws of the species, at least my perception of them...

thank you for the inspiration.. i am only sorry it had to be at your expense....


beautiful poem, "gone was the love I knew I had to quit". You can hear how you are convincing yourself as you speak.

shammi said...

It's a wise person who knows when to quit and isnt afraid of doing so. I loved the last stanza!

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