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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Scribblings " Life behind Flowers"

Sunday Scribblings prompt is soar/sore! I had been working on this poem all week under the prompt of "faithful" for writers island, nothing was working. Some days words just flow some weeks it's grueling! We often go through life assuming a persons life is la dee da simple! Often when we take a closer look we see something much different!

Life behind the Flowers

Diligent at her creative skill

Committed to the daily drill

Hoisting buckets filled to the brink

Scrubs, refills them in the sink

Some think she’s there, just to serve

That blatant ignorance hits a nerve

She trims, arranges, restocks removes

Inferior foliage she disapproves

Orders, phones calls, are demanding

Arrivals, departures need commanding

Interruptions from patrons and staff

Commandeers a disparaging laugh

She’s a daughter, sister, caring friend

A Mother, boss, with much to contend

An essential on holidays she’s always present

At times those days are most unpleasant

Compassionate to those who need to grieve

Her "Mother’s day" is no reprieve

At times her body feels such defeat

With aching back and very sore feet

Expertly she forges through the day

Enjoying the flora in her own way

The constant action stave's off the mundane

but it’s the creative interlude that keeps her sane!


Lucy said...

what a wonderful, understanding, loving tribute to your florist friend! SORE feet is something I know all about! being in demand on all the holidays IS grueling. Sometimes demands take away from the creativity that made us enjoy a particular career or hobby, which is sad. You've captured her value beautifully. ♥
( i sure know what you mean about sometimes not being able to find creative words, I'm stuck on the WI prompt too)

Janet said...

Now this is poetry I like! It caused me to think about something that had never entered my mind before....a florist! Thanks for that, and for the lovely purple (!!) flowers in the photo.

forgetfulone said...

I'm impressed with your poem. Very good!

Granny Smith said...

You express so well the complexity of a life that may be seen as simple. The accompanying photo is lovely.

Tammy said...

I feel you girlfriend! I think your poetry is so expressive and I'm usually nodding as I read them.
That last line is SO true!


Chris said...

aww, you made me tear up, thanks for the tribute, Sherrie, I am honored!

Chris said...

Very good poem, by the way!

Anonymous said...

it's lovely.

Lakewood florist

Cecily R said...

What a great poem!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog over the weekend!

texasblu said...

You always think of the nicest things... it's a great poem and a great tribute. Hold your head up and soar with a job well done! :)

Smoochdog ~ said...

So many times the people who make our lives run seamlessly are too easily overlooked. What a great way to recognize someone. My SS is posted here:


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