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Friday, June 06, 2008

Cookies Contest and Peppers Shoes

These are Pepper shoes that she wears everyday!

These are Cookie's Shoes!

Well, they're not actually her shoes because she's grown up! But they're a wonderful piece of her art work that just happens to look exactly like Peppers shoes, save the bows and color! Cookie Sunshine is having a contest to win
six Mary Jane prints along with her poetry that accompanies each illustration from her "Little Red Shoe series." Each print is limited to an edition of six. She's giving number 3/6 of each print to her lucky winner!

To enter just visit her spectacular blog, full of nostalgic stories, art and everyday life. See the magnificent cakes Cookie produces, works of art almost too beautiful to cut into! I find myself excited to see what she's doing next or what exciting website she might lead me to as she kindly endorses other artists and their wares!

Leave a comment there by the June 30th, 2008 deadline letting her know that you have put a post on your blog informing your readers about her drawing, with a picture of the little red shoes and a link back to the Cookie Sheet.

Check out this special artist, you won't be disappointed, you may even win some cool illustrations too!


cookie said...

Hey Giggles, I must have been dreaming about Peppers shoes, huh? I can't get over how similar the shoes are! It's so weird about the dream. But I'm loving it. Oh, and I'm loving your song.
Thanks for your very wonderful comments. I just love you. You are so much fun.

Thanks for putting the shoes up.


ps. I'm glad you liked Mike. He's really special to me.

Lucy said...

thanks giggles, I will check it out. Love peps shoes!
where do I get them?? haha
How did I miss so many posts ??
you are on a great blgging roll! xoxo

Lucy said...

Pretty shoes

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