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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Our Dream!

Last night we went to Sex in the City. Laura brought Cosmo's for us to drink in the theater. Of course it was on the down low! As Laura left the theater her purse was dripping....hmmmm wonder what that could possibly be. Almost a dead give away, along with her laughter!!!

I was so stoked after the movie I wanted to capture the moment. So with a combination of Photo shop (which I suck at), and the paint program I produced this picture of the three of us as the Sex in the City Characters! How fun is this?

If you were ever a fan then it's a must see! I won't spoil it by saying a word. But I will agree with my friend Chris, there is quite a bit of wisdom throughout! Enjoy!!!! We did!


Cookie said...

What fun! Cute picture!


Gemma said...

I saw the movie last week. Loved it!!! Laughed and cried!! Your picture is great!

Janet said...

Everyone seems to be talking about this movie. I've never seen the tv program so I wonder if the movie would make sense to me or if it's a stand-alone story that doesn't need the tv background to enjoy. I like your picture....good job.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

we need a pair of gay pride pumps.
i can't wait to see the movie but i'm waiting for my mom to come back from florida.

keith hillman said...

I don't really think the film is for me, but I loved your post. Great pic too. I'm really struggling with Photoshop - I could never do that!!

texasblu said...

I've never seen Sex in the City - No reason why - just never saw it. Just like I have no idea what the housewife show is all about??? But so glad to hear you had a great time! We had fun at the new Indiana Jones... a little hokey but lots of fun - it's what movies are all about! :)

Tammy said...

I'm a fan...shocker! lol I even have the trivia game. ;) I'm going tomorrow after Sunday Scribbles.


Lucy said...

love this sher! You make a gorgeous Charlotte!
I haven't sseen the movie yet, but I would like to.
Love that you were boozing it up in the theater! haha
We are seeing Zohan tomorrow with friends, I would like to smuggle something in too! :))

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