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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jaynas Angel Jazzy

#4 Jayna's Angel Jazzy a 9x12 Acrylic

Jazzy jives with flair proudly taking center stage. Vivacious she's a bright spark in a dull day. Jazzy is full of ideas and can always make things happen! I'm not much like Jazzy, but I know people with her traits. They just light up the room, they have blogs that are dazzling and they just make life so much more interesting. Always thinking of a new adventure. They're the most inspiring people. I can't help wonder if they sometimes feel a bit drained though, or whether they feed on it!

My friend introduced me to Bitchin Kitchen youtube videos! Nadia has is going on! Check it out. Vibrant set design too!

Thanks Chris, her videos are really fun!


Gemma said...

Giggles you are one of those jazzy kind of people...love coming here. Enjoyed the Kitchen bitch and Panos!

Lucy said...

hahaha! This was great sherrie, I think I married Pannos brother!! haha
Love your Jazzy angel! xo

Tammy said...

Jazzy looks like an exotic beauty and a lot of fun.

Very funny video! HUGS

Anonymous said...

What a jazzy piece!!!! Great post! Thanks for sharing with us! Lot's of fish guys...lololol
Thanks for sharing with us.

paisley said...

loved the video.. never heard of her before,, but she was a lot of fun!!

Improgging Fool! said...

Great art and love the bitchen' kitchen!

If you need a bit of blog fodder, stop on by (we're new and trying to squeak out our place on the blogger.


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