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Monday, June 09, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

Stormy done on 9x12 canvas in acrylics

A few posts back I presented a wall of Jayna's Angels, but now I'd like to introduce them individually. This is my sixth Angel Stormy, she loves to whirl away her worries; Stormy enjoys creative adventure but is often sabotaged when people take advantage of her sweet nature. She'd like to learn better boundaries so she can hang on tighter to her own dreams!

I fully understand Stormy, sometimes it's so hard to juggle everything you need and want to accomplish while pleasing others. It can be even more disappointing when you know it wasn't fully appreciated! I'm learning to dissuade my guilt to follow some of my own dreams. Unfortunately, some may feel snubbed, housework may get behind. But oh well.....I'm taking charge of my dreams! Only so much time in the day! Woman are known to wear the weight of the world upon their shoulders! Along with self doubt!

Here are my Mondays unconscious mutterings!

  1. Rambling ::man
  2. Magnetic ::love
  3. Again! :: baby….do it one more time!
  4. Acoustic ::guitar
  5. Mahogany ::bench
  6. Promises ::broken
  7. Ill fitting ::loose
  8. Sublime ::gelato
  9. Poop ::scoop
  10. Disoriented ::foggy


Lucy said...

great word associations!
Love stormy too.
hope you show my cute angel, I never asked what her name is?? Is it soul sister?
Every one that walks in my house sees her instantly and compliments her! I have her hanging on my coat closet door knob as an extra whimsical decoration!

Tammy said...

I can relate to Stormy with two daughters that don't comprehend boundaries...ARGH! Love her!


forgetfulone said...

I think I know Stormy, too!

Storm said...

Love the angels.

Great mutterings.

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