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Monday, June 02, 2008

Andrews Wings

My friend Lucy awarded me the "I love you this much award" a while back. I was thrilled because I love her too! I had such a blogging lull back then it never got posted. Today I received a great blogger friend award from Queenie. Both Lucy and Queenie have a great sense of humor, on a dull day they can pick your spirits up with their quick wit! Their serious poignant moments also keep you hooked into their blogs too! Thank you so much for the adoration, I truly enjoy your blogs and appreciate the recognition!
I'd like to extend these awards to all my friends on the side links
because you wouldn't be there if I didn't really enjoy visiting each one of you!
Now that Ang has received her Jayna's Angel bag I can share it with you!
I custom added a pair of " Andrews wings"
to commemorate her Angel who passed in 2001.

I decided to try this Unconscious Mutterings this week,
an interesting word association task

1. Gossipping :: nasty

2. Misplaced ::always

3. Spaceship ::alien

4. Ignore ::fine

5. Bodily ::big

6. Tweezers ::plucker and I mean that in the nicest way!

7. Goodnight ::no

8. Curls ::laura

9. Faucet ::drip

10. Right? :: yeah


Lucy said...

Love my Jayna's angel bag Sher!! thankyou so so SO much! I will think of sweet Jayna and her family as I proudly carry it. ♥

I see you have another friend, who has also lost a child. How indescribably heartbreaking.

glad you tried mutterings... it's cute!

Tammy said...

Andrew's bag was cute Sherrie. You are very deserving of these awards. xxoo

Janet said...

Ang's bag is so cute. And I enjoyed your word associations.

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