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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today I miss you mom!

This is my #3 Jayna's angel, Porclaine is an old hippy angel seeking peace, she meditates daily! Even though I love to be current, a little of Porclaines spirit trickles through my life, in art and attire!

Last weeks Three word Wednesday

An intrusive change has convened

A lost key is not all that has intervened

Forced into a constant dizzy haze

I can’t wait to pass this outrageous phase!

Sincerely the change can wreak havoc on a womans life! My mother always spoke about how hard it was, but never in detail. This is when I most wish she were alive. So I could apologize for not being more compassionate as a teen. Now I understand why she was up at four, or until four A.M.reading at the table, why she was so crabby living on short intervals of sleep. Why she was less tolerant, and slower to compute things. I wish I knew then what I know now, so I could just say sorry mom, I didn't get it!

I wish she were alive so I could compare the experience, ask her those details she never shared, have her comfort me by saying, " this too shall pass!" Today I miss you mom!

This Weeks Three word Wednesday!

I think of her on a frequent basis.

Never knowing someday I’d understand

And be even more open to forgiveness!


Tammy said...

(((Sherrie))) I so related to this post as I nurse yet another hormonal migraine...argh!

I'd also get my mom's life so much better. I just wish I could forgive her in person. 44 was too young to die!

I just finished mine and was thrilled to see you at 3WW. ;)

Great job! XXOO

paisley said...

look at this totally awesome wallpaper!!! girl you have out done yourself!!!!

and on the change thing.. who's idea of a cruel joke is all of this shit??? i mean,, not only do you gain weight and feel totally inviable,, while completely unattractively asexual,, but then your general pattern of life is uninterrupted further by hormonal changes over which you have no control... let there be a god,,, so i can give him a piece of my mind on his grandiosely opinion of his creative abilities....

Lucy said...

(loving the above comments ladies!)
Your understanding of your mom is so sweet, i don't care that it is late. It is still very touching.
I know what you mean, about wishing you could ask her about it and compare the experiences.
If only we could all write a 'future letter' to our kids, trying to cover all the bases they may need us for in their futures.
I would like to show this post to my sons, so hopefully they can better understand some of my similar symptoms. Thanks sher!
and So happy you did 3 ww, It's a fun challenge.

Amber said...

I really love this wallpaper. Grrooooovey. ;)

I find that I forgive my mom more and more, as I get older. I am a very different woman and mom than she was, and yet I still see very often how things must have been for her. I think how hard being a mother can be for me some days-- an educated, older woman who is (mostly haha) emotionally stable. Then I think, how in the hell was a seventeen year old, damaged kid to do this?? *sigh*

Have you ever read any of Dr Christianne Northrups books? "The Wisdom of Menopause" is something you should pick up. I think it would be right up your alley, and a big help. Also "Mother/Daughter Wisdom" might be another you like.

Thank you for your mother earth hugs. ;) I neeeeded it.


Mary Timme said...

I remember very well, the day the doctor said my symptoms could go on for 10-12 years. I wanted to smash him in the nose. Not what I wanted to hear at all.

I've heard of people for whom it is easy, I just wasn't one of them. I can say it worth it just to get it done! Hope that helps.

Alberta & Ava said...

Oh Ladies...I am so with you. It's been 10 years so far for me, and I'm getting on my OWN nerves with the teariness, not to mention the migraines and insomnia! What would we do without a sense of humor? Can you say ax murder?

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