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Friday, July 11, 2008

Gemini Artists enjoy a little Bliss!

Violette gave me this deep canvas with her art collaged onto it! I love it. Wouldn't this pattern look cool as napkins? After all what could be more blissful than sitting around with friends laughing, chatting, and dreaming over food and wine?

Girls just wanna have fun! That’s just what happens when three Gemini artists celebrate belated birthdays. It’s so inspirational meeting with fellow artists, feeding off each others energy and truly feeling proud of your friend’s accomplishments. Each creative expression marks the Artists individuality, screaming loud and proud, “this is uniquely me”! I find most Artists and writers to be a humble lot, sometimes unsure of their natural ability, yet passionate about letting it flow forth. Oh yes people can copy you, but the original creation, is all yours, each stroke is like an Artists spiritual DNA. Isn’t that wonderful? I wish we could teach children to hone their individuality because all fingerprints are original! Maybe we could spare children that dreadful anxiety of feeling like misfits just because they're different!

Violette and Nicci’s style has the three components that stir me up, vibrant color, whimsy, and glitz! Its happy art, makes me wanna dance! Nicci’s goddess girls and whimsical necklaces that sparkle in the sunlight are so joyful! Nicci has such tenacity when it come to marketing I hope to one day see her girls on all kinds of merchandise.

Violette's incredible mind full of inspiration and whimsy it blows me away! I’ve watched Violette teach classes to under privileged women, she lights up their life with hope! Giving them a new outlet to express pain, explore dreams through journaling! I’ve seen the pride they exude after a workshop. I’m sure she’ll never know the full extent that she’s changed their lives or mine for that fact! Her words of encouragement are infectious! He art is her breath...without it, her soul would die!

I can't wait to purchase Violette's first book. It's always exciting to see a friend succeed in manifesting a dream. I heard people say it's an easy life being an artist. Not so my friend, artists and musicians can spend years perfecting their craft before they get recognition. And you can bet there are many paintings and lyrics in archives somewhere unexplored!

I have often wandered through stores thinking yuck who designed all this crap destined for the dump. Wondering how the heck they got it merchandised when so many talented artists hide behind closed doors unpublished. I can’t say I love all art, still I appreciate the Artists gumption to be true to self. But it's my friends art, along with other favorite artists that gets to the heart of me!


Tammy said...

I'm laughing at how many times you get to celebrate your birthday. LOL You are obviously well loved by many kindred spirits. Lucky, special you!

You guys are all so talented. By blogging I've learned to have a greater appreciation for art. As a mom I could have shared the possibities. Thank you Sherrie angel for lighting a path.
Much love!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! Girls just wanta have fun is right!I know that I sure do! Violette's work would look wonderful on napkins and all sorts of things. Her work is very inspiring!
Thanks for sharing with us! Love the photo's as well! :)

MissKoolAid said...

What a wonderful ode to artists in general and friend artists om particular! That picture of the 3 of you is beautiful.


forgetfulone said...

Looks like so much fun, and sounds like you had a blast. The canvas is beautiful!

Linda Jacobs said...

Wow, what a fantastic blog you have here! Vibrant and alive with crativity! Makes me definitely want to redesign my own!

Robin Westphal said...

I'm nominating you for a blog award because I really enjoy your site! Come to my site to pick it up.

KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha Sherri..

Happy Birthday to you..
You are glittery hues..
3 sisters in total bliss..
(Next year, My birthday is June, trading with Mr Dan, who's a Gemini)
So next time, your party, I wont miss..
Do you accept honorary Gemini's? teehee
PEace, KAi xxxx

Mary Timme said...

I think the month before and after a birthday are all fair game. This is the month my DH turns 80 and we were going to have a big party but West Nile has made him too pooped out to handle that, so we are just having family and ice cream cake, but it will be fun.

Most artist's never make it to the 'big time.' I think it is because many time the individual is too unique for the mismaninia of the uncaring. Oooooooooooh! That sounds pretty deep. . .

Lucy said...

Love that Canvas Sher! Napkin, card or even a Hot plate would be wonderful for it! Love how whimsy it is!
You guys really know how to party baby! Wish I could be right there with the goddesses celebrating your birthday!
It's so fab. how you support each others arts.
And have found friends with so many common interests. YOU get to the heart of me Sherrie. ♥

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