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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Russian Coke Can, & I spy Meme

A birthday Dinner for one of the Goddess a week ago!
Janice has a rose in her mouth, not really, it's actually a pair of thong
underwear wrapped as a rose. Funny eh!
This is a Russian Coke can Pepper found at the Toronto Airport!
I was surprised to see it... I actually thought it was from an Asian country!
Just kidding!

I stole this " I Spy" meme from Amber at Believing Soul. It's what you do when you are at a loss for words. It's a filler unfortunately. This post is a modge podge of things. I

I am trying to complete hand painting a white vest that is over ten years old!

I dig vibrant colors and no interruptions when I am creating.

I still want to write a script and have it made into a play.

I had planned on having my house thoroughly cleaned by now,

but it isn’t. I have done art instead…rrrrrrr….

I try not to overtake a conversation…but if the truth be known it’s hard and I always do! My brother has the same problem and is also working on it!

I should really concentrate on eating more consistent little healthy meals instead of two meals a day! Typical fat girl, artist behavior!

I shouldn't have such crappy sleeping patterns, but I do!

Thankfully the hormone thing has subsided…. What a relief I tell ya!

I just want to get a few projects completed.

I don't walk enough…doesn’t help that my knee is botched up right now!

I wish I had more energy, and fiscal abundance and a healed knee!

I won't feel accomplished or satisfied until I have enough funds to donate to parents with ill children in Childrens hospital!

I think many people don’t realize the secret of life until the bulk of it has passed by! Find your passion, and you WILL be happy the rest of your days!

I fear that some little kids I know of might pass on before their time.

I love my friends, my family, creativity and learning!

I like getting email from friends.

I loved ballroom dancing when I was young!

I want to publish a book of poetry, do enough art to have a show.

I require decent health and free time with no demands plaguing my mind so I can complete my list of things to do!

I said to Pepper I can’t stop thinking about the parents with Children in the hospital!

I thought of a few friends I need to call and have a good chat with!

I write to purge and share some aspects of my life as a legacy for my daughter. .

I hate that I can’t be as generous I used to be!

I never get sick of scrabble, art or music, yet most of the time I write in complete silence!

I probably should get my house clean before we have company.

I can't accomplish what I used to, but I am proud when I get something done! Especially if it’s creative…it fills my soul!

I find petty issues insignificant now that I’m older.

I know there is still much I must do in this life! Unfortunately

it may be at a snails pace!

I learn something every single day and I love it!

I remember less and less as I get older!

I bought two new night shirts that I won’t let myself wear until I clean my room. Hey I used to reward myself with donuts….I am going up in the world!

I miss youth and the energy of youth, and perky boobs!!

I spy two pieces of silver jewelry I love! More about that to come


Queen-Size funny bone said...

thats funny my husband worked for coca cola for years. a rare find..

keithsramblings said...

There's so much in your list that applies to me, except of course the perky boobs - as I get older mine get perkier by the day and its not a pretty sight on a man!

Lucy said...

geez Sher... You really think you are at a loss for words??? Holy Cow.. it took me an hour to read this! haha
Some of these were killer mamma!! LIke.. hmmm let's see.... Missing Perky boobs! and what else... OH YEAH>>rewarding yourself with nightshirts instead of DOUGHnuTS! haha
The thong in the mouth thing Sher?? WHAT goddess is she exactly??
( can u tell Im in a better mood today?)
( glad Pep is back home safely)

Mary Timme said...

Isn't it the truth! All of it. In fact I was just thinking of all the kids I know who have been diagnoised with Type I diabetes! Wow, what a waste of living to have to cope with that challenge. I wouldn't have made it. Blessings!

tinker said...

I can identify with a lot of these - wish I could say I was over the hormone thing too, though. In time...
Love the idea of rewarding yourself with those nightshirts, for cleaning...I'll have to come up with something to bribe me with, heehee.
Cool coke can! I never thought about it being spelled any other way in other countries - doh! It only makes sense though, huh...

Amber said...


You have a good heart. I wonder if you know how much you "give" to people, just because you show you care?


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