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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glitz and Gloom

I wrote a whole post on Friday, put my heart on my sleeve, mysteriously it was deleted! Hmmm, maybe that much emotion just wasn’t supposed to be posted in a public forum. The day actually felt like a nightmare. I awoke to find my expensive progressive glasses broken right in half. I let out an instant cry. Soon realized that was pointless. Costco then informs me those frames were deleted December 2007. Oh great, December is still haunting me! Remember that’s when my car broke down. Finally got it fixed just over a week ago. Now this! I love those glasses too!They were my 50th birthday gift from my daughter. Who is not impressed, and that's putting it mildly! I’d hoped I could transfer my lenses into new frames. They had a easy clip sunglasses that I couldn't live without! No makeup, hop in the car...look decent! Right in half, at the bridge I tell ya! It's sounding like I won't be able to get new ones.

Am I being punished for an over indulgence a week ago! I spied two pieces of silver jewelry that I fell in love with. Yes, the gaga kind of boy love!! Glitzy allure. And they had amethysts in them too….I walked away a few times…I really did. But they called my name every so sweetly….Sheeeewwwwiee. yes they used that baby talk mother ease with me…,,,,weeee’reeee not that expeeeeensive….buuuuuyyyy us….we were meant for you and YOU alone. I did it! The guilt is friggin eating me up I tell ya…eating me up!

The ring was hard to photograph but you get the gist, the draw of the glitz!

Last but not least this little gem ...could you say no for a really really good price? I'm asking my fellow purple lovers of course!

Seriously it’s not like I buy a lot. Every birthday my brother tosses me a few bucks to spend on myself; I usually buy necessities for the house, or underwear that I need or treat myself to dinner out with a friend. Nothing extravagant…because it’s futile when I need to pay bills, possibly see a dentist. All day I felt like I was in a nightmare and just wished I'd wake up.. it was a fog that would not lift. I was numb…just like the later eight years of my marriage. The anniversary of the ugliest day of my life is coming up in two weeks too. It will be twelve years now …yeah I know lame excuse. Bottom line, I just wanted the pretty pretty purple shiny jewelry. Maybe I'm part crow! Last time I bought shoes, was well over a year ago. Enough excuses…Sherrie did a bad bad thing! Now she has broken glasses.

Another huge expense…I wonder why I keep sabotaging myself. At least this post isn’t as doom and gloom as the last one! At the end of the night Bryan put his arms around me and gave me a huge hug! I think he could hear my screams through the silence!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your glasses. Ekkkk!
I don't think that your being punished. If I could, I would buy me things once and awhile. Everyone deserves to be happy and getting something to make you smile is a good thing. That's my opinion. :)
Wonderful post!!!
Thank you for sharing with us!

altermyworld said...

Sending you girl love. goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh i know the feeling my ultra cool glasses i bought two years ago dec, well the lense cracked straight down and cheaper to buy new glasses than to replace lens now i have these blah frames, i feel your pain. i do i do.
AND that ring is well the BOMB.


Lucy said...

Awww Sherrie, I feel your pain girlfriend. but you never know you may find frames you adore even more than the last pair, right? AND as for the guilt! OY VeH! Don't we all suffer with that useless emotion!? LET it GOooo! As a FELLOW purple loooveer- YOU deserve shiny purple bangles and every once in a while we have to say %^&* IT! I'm so glad you treated yourself, life is too freaking short! And NO NEW shoes in a year?? I am ashamed of you Sherrie! For a girly girl like you that is a cardinal sin! YOU must wear your beautiful new gems and march right into a shoe store tomorrow.. say #$%^ IT! again and treat yourself to some purple pumps mamma!!
There! Doesn't this make you feel better now?
wish we could shoe shop together. ♥

Tammy said...

I spent a wad on my progressive's, got them home to discover I can't walk in them. ;) No balance...dah!

That sucks sweetie but don't beat yourself up for buying a few treasures. They bring comfort, like a purple hug. Now who doesn't need a purple hug every now and again.

Your eye's with the pink eye shadow looks like Pepper.

Tammy Huuuuggggg!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

It's that old buyers remorse thing isn't it? It calls your name,it taunts you with its allure, weak with no resistance you finally succumb to its wiles. You parade your hand around in front of you - it sparkles in the light. You just KNOW this was meant to be. You revel in the joy of shopping for it and now owning it. THEN it hits.......the nagging voice that says "did you really need that?" or "wouldn't your money have been well spent elsewhere?" I say silence that voice....you are a Goddess who deserves a bit of a sparkly treat now and then. I know it comes at a bad time with the glasses breaking but somehow I believe it will all work out. You'll have your new specs and you can admire the sparkle on your finger even better. I just know it!
p.s. Re: your missing post....If you go in to customize on your blog and click on the posting tab then the edit posts tab your former post may still be there. Blogspot saves posts every few minutes and leaves it there as a draft until you publish it. Just an FYI.
Sorry long comment. OH I hope you'll stop by my brand new blog home!

Sandra Evertson said...

Gorgeous jewels!
Sandra Evertson

Amber said...

Oh, I have totally done that! Just "lost" a post that took forver and tons of emotional energy to write...It makes you think it was just the process of getting it out that was needed, and maybe it wasn't for everyone. But still. What a pain.

Sometimes broken glasses, are just broken glasses. ;)


pattie said...

BREATHE....BREATHE...and then get to the eye glass store wearing of course your new jewels..and old shoes and know that glasses are indeed something that you need to have..and that without a doubt...life goes on!!

Charlie said...

Don't go without glasses..and don't be so hard on yourself. You deserved that purple jewelry. It's awesome! And just remember God will take of you.

artbrat said...

OK, more hugs coming your way. I'm sorry that you're glasses aren't fixable. It will all work out. I do love your jewelry. Hope your guilt has taken leave and that you are now enjoying the pieces. We all deserve to get ourselves something nice once in awhile, and it sounds as if you were long overdue.

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