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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unconscious Muttering #8 Jaynas Angel

This is my Eighth Jayna's Angel "Flouncy" she dances to her own tune, loves the arts. She tries to balance things best she can, but on occasion she'll forget to comb her hair.All my angels were done ages ago just sharing them when I don't have any photos! Oops I didn't crop that very good I see the feet of another angel in that photo!

Unconscious mutterings

They say and I think!

  1. Intimidated :: by technology and learning photo shop
  2. Brush :: strokes on the canvas make me happy….sing that to the tune of a John Denver song “ Sunshine on my Shoulders”
  3. Masquerade:: Life is a masquerade, if I dared to expose all that is never spoken, I’d have a juicy book! I love Halloween too!
  4. Procedure:: I need to learn more art procedures!
  5. Tattoos:: Love looking at them, never want one! I appreciate the artists, love the watching Miami ink, just have no desire. More into piercings. I think I may have had those stretched ears kids have today, if I was young. Then I’d put the big jewels in them! Who knows I could do it now! Wouldn’t that just shock Pepper….you reading this Pepper?…. You think menopause makes me crazy….wait till I get those stretched ears….big purple gems…I can see me now….only old lady outside of Africa with stretched ears. I used to threaten to do crazy things to discipline you, remember....... Never this drastic though! OOOOOHHHH I feel it…… Sherries got her groove on!!!
  6. Square: I love square any thing, love the shape, even though I have never been known to be a square!
  7. Tuck:: toilet paper tucked into your underwear for the world to see trailing out of your dress or pants is not fun! Been there done that!
  8. Boyfriend:: Blaaaaah…sounds like trouble!!!….my Girlfriend who had a stroke four years ago has a new one, and I’m thrilled for her. As for me, it would take up too much time. Now if he was a clean giggler with a bundle of buckaroonies and willing to spoil me, I may consider it!
  9. Badass:: anything HTML I just love learning computer lingo and how to change things up! Takes forever!
  10. Thousand:: put an “S” on that, it’s what I would love right now…a windfall, thousands of dollars, actually make that a millions now that we’re speaking moola! A few million would fix me up! And if I could add a few more million to that I could help a few friends too! Ya.....note to self buy lottery ticket tomorrow! First thing I’d buy…..you got it……GLASSES, and an automatic car, do convertible mini coopers come in automatic???. Standard is killin me knee!


Tammy said...

What a colorful breath of fresh air you are Sherrie! I wish we lived closer because I know you're a kindred spirit.


Mary Timme said...

Thousands are good, but I get to run for a massage now, and it is going to hurt. Have I been doing relaxing for the shoulders, oh I fear not.... Ouch!

Carolyn said...

#7: hahahahaha!
I love your painting for the day, especially the cute little radio!
:c )

Lucy said...

oooh la la! love your lavender paisley print Sher!
and as for flouncy! I think I found my header girl! LOVE her! Love her personality too ( even the shoes on her head! haha)
your unconscious answers are Groovy! The toilet paper!! killing me. The square... yeah baby.. I am into square jewelry this year! Now the piercing routine... Oh God! Pick me up, I'm roaring! TOO funny... You need to do a cartoon of you with those gaping holes in your ears hahahaha LOVE you to pieces! xoxo
( oh and the thousandS Yes ... I know they're coming your way... I'm willing it to happen!)

Anonymous said...

stretched ears wouldn't surprise me!!! i could even help you out!! if you want purple... I've got purple... with sparkles ... or cool stone!! hahaha....;) whatever you want I'll support!!:D :P

Giggles said...

Anonymous... just happens to be my daughter, who wouldn't be surprised if I did get them stretched at this age, because she knows me well! But I am informed they actually look like butt holes when they don't have jewels in them! That is our mother daughter dance of intimacy..... She also informed me she probably will not be walking around with me if I get it done!! Laugh out loud....Between me and you...it's an idle threat!!!
She LUBS her mommy, and will always
want to be with me forebber and ebber!! Okay who's the kid now!

Love you Pepper

9:19 PM

JP/deb said...

Hey sweetie, hope those thousands come your way soon :)

The flouncy Jayna's Angel is exquisite ... she's practically bouncing off my screen. Your artistry never ceases to amaze.

xx, JP/deb

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