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Monday, July 28, 2008

Ladner Outdoor Market

Click to enlarge and read the menopause plate!
I started yesterday by entering my friends car without my purse. Thankfully she noticed. After a few clownish duh's , back to the house, grab my purse, reset the alarm, off we went to the Ladner outdoor market! The saga continued early this morning as I left to pick the kids up from the greyhound after they attended the Pemberton music festival just past Whistler B.C.

Half way into Vancouver a thirty five minute drive from Surrey I realized ....in the famous words of Britney Spears....OOPS I DID IT AGAIN!! Yes, I forgot my purse, for the second time EVER!!! I had nothing with me but my keys....scary feeling that is. I checked the gas tank, then the speedometer as I coasted into the slow lane. A hefty fine for not carrying your license. So do you think the cop would have excepted Menopause as a good reason for having no license on me! Yeah, that would be a big..." NO" I didn't think so either!

I was going to post the Pemberton Photos, they are awesome, but there's 38 of them. Can anyone suggest a way to showcase them on my blog without having to take up pages of space here? Your suggestions would be deeply appreciated!So look at this phenomenal art! I wish I had loads of money to squander. I want these...but which one! The apple green ones speak to me!! I love these plates as much as I do Mary Naylors!
Check out that black and apple green platter....I WANT THAT....UNIVERSE DO YOU HEAR ME!!! While you're at it universe...throw in the little apple green and black rectangle bowls too. Not that I have anywhere to store them... Okay I'll settle for a coffee mug with music notes and maybe an apple green one too!
The teapots were incredible!!! Little painted baubles out of clay hanging from wire! Make sure to click on the photo to check out the detail....oh yes, more cute green bowls...
I wanted to get permission to show her things on my blog but as you can see she was too busy to ask! She has no personal website so to speak of but the name is Potz & Panzies by Nellie Vlaar linked to the Granville Island day vender's association here! Excellent vibrant work, she is my favorite type of artist, one with a whimsical spirit!
Not every vendor has such a spectacular gift for color combining that Nellie does. Some vendors had lovely form in their work. But I was completely baffled by their choices of color. If I compliment you, it's always sincere.My choice of color isn't for everyone, I understand and except that, but again I'm not spending piles of money to sell glass infused pieces either. Many times I will enjoy pieces but they're not particularly my style. For instance I love looking at the following mosaic mirrors, but I wouldn't particularly buy them should I have the means!

Click the photos to enlarge.
We ambled through the market as well as a few of the local stores. This was a gift shop slash art supply store. I bought some molding clay for a lamp I want to cover, and a shade of pink I have been searching for. Sneaking a few snapshots of the goods for sale always make me feel like a naughty little girl!

This is a likeness of my friends dog Xen,(pronounced Zen)only Xen is way happier than this guy! Looks like a male, Xen is a female. I couldn't resist getting a photo! There were so many adorable polite dogs at the outdoor market. I have never had a dog that well behaved.
Who could resist these cinnamon buns?
Well not this big bummy mummy, that's for sure!
It was soooo yummy!

We had a nice lunch, nibbled on fresh peas and cherries. Children danced to the street music, Beatles tunes and more from my era! Later we drove to White Rock ,sipped coffee on the beach. Great end to a perfect day!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I love things like that, crafts, food and music. thats a nice afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics you have up. I use Windows Movie Maker to do slide shows of my pictures for my blog. Love Hugs and Blessings

tinker said...

Looks and sounds like a lot of fun, Sherrie!
Ninnie does do some awesome slide shows - also, I've seen those Flickr mosaics on other blogs too - where they have several photos altogether in a square - but I have no idea how to do any of that stuff! Hope you find a way that works out well for you!

Paula Clare said...

Wow, wow WOW!I wanna go! The artists and vendors are amazing! What fun! The pottery is my fave...I just love whimsical, wacky pottery! The menopause plate was a hoot! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

I love things like, or rather days like this. Seeing other peoples art can be so inspiring and just plain fun. I really liked all that pottery and would have been drawn to a few pieces myself. I do love me some whimsy, heehee!!

Lucy said...

i read this the other day on google reader but didn't get time to comment.. I HAVE to come shopping with you Sher!! OMG, I LOVE all those whimsical dishes and TEA POTs so much!
I adore tea pots.. I have to show u a picture of my lady and the tramp pot! haha
Sounds like a wonderful day!
(wish I could send you that apple green platter)

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