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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pemberton Festival 2008 part one!

Yeah finally in Pemberton, three day festival with 40,000 people! Hot, dusty rockers rocked the day away!
Hat people at Pemberton fest!
Woodstock 1969 or Pemberton fest 2008?
Ladies dressed to kill!
What not to wear at Pemberton fest....or anywhere! Check out the shoes!
Yowzer that's someones mama!
Surprising Sasquatch didn't melt in the extreme heat. Imagine being in that suit!

High Fiving, Still his six foot three frame couldn't reach the top!
Stares could not dissuade this couple from staving off the dirt and dust seeping into their pink lungs. Soon they set the trend, everyone was sporting the bandit look! Still they came home with dust filled lungs, being touted Pemberton Lung!
Crowds enjoy Tom Petty, Sam Roberts, Coldplay, Nine Inch Nails, and Jayz,
plus many more bands!

Pemberton tent Bumpkins!
Hitching a ride on Daisy the solar powered tricycle

Standing on Daisy the solar powered Trike!
The two Fruities......so appropriate! Bryan eats a banana a day and Pepper has an apple everyday!
Pemberton Pepper with the mountain back drop!
Bryan personified! This is one happy guy!
Despite the garbage strewn everywhere.

Succumbing to the dirt!
More photos here!


forgetfulone said...

Great photos! That looks like so much fun (but hot, too).

mystele said...

Giggles, small world. i totally know pemberton! my hubby just returned from darcy by way of mt. currie and pemberton!!! a youth group from our church has been going up that way for the last 10 summers. we love the First Nations people of Mt. Currie. I haven't gone for the last 3 years cuz of kids, but there's no place like beautiful B.C.

Janet said...

Looks like they had a good time even if it was hot and dusty.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

You guys look like you really had a good time and it loked like there were plenty of interesting people. I enjoyed the pics.

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

What a totalllly blast!! I wish I had been there ;) How much fun did they have?? Love the gorilla costume, was it a gorilla??? Wild!! Happy Sparkly DAY!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo's! Looks like alot of fun! Thanks for sharing these with us!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

It does kind of look like a modern day Woodstock doesn't it? I would love to see Coldplay in person! That Pepper and Bryan know how to have fun! Great photos!

Lucy said...

haha WOW! Love these! Pep and Bryan are just adorable!

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