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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

White Rock Mural Will be Wiped out With Primer!

The City of White Rock has decided the murals are to be painted over in lieu of new ones. I am pretty upset about this! Is it understood what goes into an artists creation? Putting your art on display can be daunting enough. Part of your soul goes into that work. Being disregarded with a can of white primer is a complete slap in the face to those artists. May have well said to them, “We have used you, your turn is up, bye bye now!

"The further people are from the center of power, the more they are in touch with the world as it really is." - George Orwell

White Rock is known for its Landmark Whale painting done by wildlife artist Wyland.
Although my art tastes are more whimsical in nature, I appreciate the majesty of that whale painting in correlation to this oceanic city! It’s been there since the eighties, imagine how sad it would have been, painted over after the first year.

Taken Saturday, Nicci selling displaying her art, is one of the three mural artists!

There are emotional ties to those artistic walls, wedding and tourist photos taken. I have friends coming from Texas in September; excited to show them the mermaid wall. It will no longer exist. It’s beyond my comprehension why they can’t paint all the stark outside washroom walls, making it more aesthetically pleasing and tourist friendly. At least wait until the wall is chipped and unattractive before refurbishing them. More wasted money!
This is one side of the reversible pendant Pepper bought from Nicci
at the five corners block party on Saturday!

Had those artists been privy to the destruction of the murals would they have poured their heart and soul into that wall? Time would have been better spent painting,”Eagles in the city” an obviously less frivolous project. These eagles will be preserved to raise charitable funds. White Rock has an eclectic array of amazing artists, why not show them some respect!
The other side of the necklace Pepper bought from Nicci on Saturday. Isn't it adorable? I love it, so does Pepper! You should see them in person, vibrants and glitzy. You can find more on her etsy site!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I think that is awful. If they are going to do that than they should takes photos and display them somewhere so the mural is never truly gone. But I say let the other artists get their own rock.

Lucy said...

i don't blame you for being upset, that is a slap in the face! Is white rock the soda company Sherrie?? I am out of this loop again. That mural is adorable and it's a shame it will be gone after all this time.

Nicci' s necklace is Perfectly YOU! Was it made especially for you, or coincidentally Pepper found it?
I love it!
I'm off to check out queensize funny bone... I would love to chuckle!! xo

Cookie Sunshine said...

This is awful! I'm sending you an email!


Cookie Sunshine said...

ps. Nicci's art is fabulous! I'll be dropping by and introducing myself to her!

Thanks for letting us know about her gorgeous work.


CattyCat said...

I just wanted to share this phenomenal artist with you.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I couldn't IMAGINE putting primer over one of my paintings. Ohh that makes me sooo mad. Errrggggg! Then I think....I shouldn't let it make me mad. They just don't understand is all. Artist's understand. :)
Nicci is so talented! I just love her art! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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