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Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweet Awards

The last few weeks I have received some awards so I'd like to acknowledge my lovely blogging friends with a public thank-you for passing them on to me! I enjoy reading your blogs, although I don't always comment, I'm there reading, lurking, keeping up on your lives! Now that I have found the convenience of using a feed I'm able to read a larger volume of posts.

I am so grateful that you take precious time out of your day to stop by. Every comment is important to me! Sometimes I am slow to post, thanks for sticking with me on those less creative days!

Two weeks ago Robin a psychiatric social worker with a warm caring eclectic blog, nominated me for this award, then Violette did too! Thank you so much for the love ladies.

Violette lives and breathes art. She's wonderfully supportive friend who I attribute my blog, and art to! Violette is pretty much "the wind beneath my wings." as far as art goes! How is that for corny? Had she not recognized my creativity and introduced me to blogging who knows where I'd be now! I read Violette's blog daily but rarely comment. Hey, I have to save something for when we get together!

Well who wouldn't love these two awards that Queensized Funny bone gave me a few days ago! I'm even more honored because she is the queen of humor along with my friend Lucy who I will nominate for this award too! Now if only I could edit my words at tight as Queenie does and still make and impact!! I'm workin on it! This is another blog I just have to visit daily, always humor to be found there! The reason I'm a good commenter is because I have too much to say!
Thanks again ladies I'm grateful beyond words!
To all my blogging friends so many of you make me smile, please take this award you deserve it! I think you are all Brillante...take that one and enjoy it, I find it way too hard to pick some and leave the others out!

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Congratulations Giggles! You deserve Every award out there baby!
I am soo touched that youu still think I am funny!
lately I sound more like an old lady cranky pants, don't ya think??
But I am so touched that you nominate little ol' me! Thank you! ( i just clicked my name to make sure you weren't talking about a DiFFERent Lucy! Now THAt could have been embarrassing!! )x0x0

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