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Friday, August 08, 2008

Bryans 23rd Birthday

Bryan's Birthday was on Tuesday, we celebrated Monday, I gave him a card Tuesday, but I needed to post something for future. Something he can read down the road to know just how dear he is to me! I've done it in red because that's his favorite color!

Bryan's Birthday

You walked into my life as a boy

With ragged converse runners

A thinning blue tee-shirt

Shaggy hair and bright blue eyes

I knew immediately

By the boyish scent that filled my car

You’d be right for my daughter

As you grew into your authenticity

I knew I could love you

Like my own

Now we are true friends

I do for you, you do for me

Your heart is as big as the ocean

Your talent is too

Anything you put your mind to

You succeed at

You are handy, always happy

Joyful, kind and thoughtful

You have helped me

To change my mind

About men

Even though testosterone

Rides your veins

Like a roller coaster

You manage to detain

Any negative aspect of it

Exuding smiles of love

And positive energy

You tolerate things

Over and above most

You care deeply for animals

Children and the elderly

You listen with your heart

Feel with all senses

Knowing exactly what we need

Uniquely special

You could do well to teach others

How to know contentment

Feel happiness

Nurture your creativity

Live spiritually

And give back

This is your twenty third year

I’m wishing you goals attained

Abundance of money and joy

Dreams and wishes actualized

Love abounding, rifts resolved

Acceptance from relatives

Compassion from family for the wonderful man you are!

You deserve the best because you are the best!


Janet said...

Bryan sounds like a wonderful son-in-law and a great guy. Happy Birthday to him!! I hope he has a fantastic day.

Cookie Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday Bryan. What a great family you have.

Lucy said...

what a special, touching tribute to such a special Loving (handsome)young man!
Happy Birthday Bryan!! ( u look like Lennon in that first photo!)

Anonymous said...

A lovely tribute to a lovely human being. Proud to know you Bryan! Love, Chris

Anonymous said...

What an outstanding post! Lovely birthday message to him. I'm sure that he'll really appreciate it. :)

Kai said...

Aloha Sherrie,
what a lovely tribute to BrYan..
please wish him a happy birthday from me and Mr Dan.

I'm really pleased you found my new blog..i haven't been posting for a while, but am settling into the new home..and it's nice to be visited by good friends like you!!

mucho hugs and peace, kai xx

Robin said...

What a lovely post! Thanks for popping by my blog :))))

Ava said...

This is just beautiful. I love Bryan, too, just from your post.

forgetfulone said...

I tagged you for a meme from my blog.

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