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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Fiftieth Chris!

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All about Chris

For the thousand times she’s been there

In happiness and sorrow

I love her

For the times she’s bailed me out

Of a crisis in my darkest hour

I love her

For the thoughtful gestures

Exuded over the years

I love her

For the flowers left at my door

And beautifully wrapped gifts

I love her

For her tender advice

Unique to all others

I love her

For her ear that has listened

With and without judgment

I love her

For her high ethic

Stellar mothering

I love her

For her artistic nature

And love of animals

I love her

For her humble disposition

And cordial manner

I love her

For her intelligence

And fortitude

I love her

For her obscure amazing wit

And jovial personality

I love her

For being current

In knowledge and presentation

I love her

For being a pure delight

Able speak intimately for hours

Any many other reasons

Far beyond what

Can be expressed in a short poem

I love my friend of twenty five years!

Happy 50th Birthday Chris

You are an angel to our family!

Thank you for being you!

You have taught me so much over the years

I’m grateful to have you in my life!

I’m not alone in wishing you a Fabulous Fiftieth

Full of love, joy and laughter!

All the best in the coming year!

May all your wishes come true!

Here are a few more things to look forward to!

This seniors discount website!

Your back goes out more than you do (in my case it's the knee)

You have a party and your neighbors don't realize it

You hear your favorite song on the elevator ( yes the Beatles are elevator music now!) Paul's hedging into retirement age!

Tim Hortons and a movie is the whole date, instead of the start of one ( You got that right) I'm thankful for this one!

"I can't drink like I use to..." replaces "I'm never gonna drink again" ( How many times have I said this since I turned five-oh?!!

Today is also my dear friend Lucy's Birthday.....I have something special planned for her too! But it's not quite finished! While you wait please check out her Sunday scribbling. here...I laughed so hard I'm sure the neighbors could hear me!


forgetfulone said...

What a sweet poem!

Oh, my back definitely goes out more than I do!

Mary Timme said...

What a great friend tribute and I'm heading over for a good giggle! Yep, it is sort of like a pun!

Lucy said...

HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY CHRIS! YOU are the luckiest girl to have known and been friends with giggles for 25 years! Don't you love our birthday date?? there is something about 8/17 I've always been happy about!! Hope you have a happy/healthy year!
NOW.. giggles... THAT is one heartfelt, loving poem.. YOU are such a wonderful friend to ALL who are lucky enough to be one.. :))

Lucy said...

oooh I wanted to ALSO say... WOW what a funny, creative poster for Chris! It's so funny when u stick heads on cartoon bodies. just love this, the colors the saying, the flowers! Can't you make money with this talent Sherrie?? We have to put our heads together!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

You can't beat those birthday wishes. Friends are the best. A gift you give yourself.

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