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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lucy's new Header

Those quotes at the top of my posts are random daily. I find the synchronicity in todays quote quite amazing! I also agree whole heatedly! Couldn't have said it better myself!

Yesterday my friend Lucy had a birthday, but my friend of twenty five years took president having turned the big 50! Behind the scenes I worked on a Header for Lucy as a birthday surprise. It was welcomed even more than I thought possible. What a joy it is to do something special for a friend! Both Lucy and my friend Chris born on the same day are so similar. Their generosity and kindness is always over the top. Yet it's so hard to reciprocate...thankfully I could this year! Anyone else have friends like that?

This was my original design for Lucy, a few month ago she said she loved that Angel and wanted it on her blog, I know she loves dogs and shoes and the color purple. Do you have any idea how many shades of Purple there are? I do because I have many shades in my house, with a fuchsia (purpley undertones) living room, I used to have a purple kitchen and I still have an eggplant bedroom! I have many purple accessories all different shades! Seems as soon as it become popular I change it!
I beckoned Lucy to be honest and tell me exactly what she wanted! She said Orange/yellow So here you have it! I forwarded on the change!

Along with this one, because she said she loved the turquoise with the purple!
But of course it is a womans prerogative to change her mind!!
I welcome that....being one who changes my mind often!

Ultimately what Lucy wanted was Gold, (orange/yellow) and eggplant, like my room, but the color chart calls it orchid! So when she awakes tomorrow this will be on her front door......I mean email!! Again we may want to change it! And that's our prerogative....lol! What's your favorite?


Lucy said...

i adore u and can't thank u enough! oxox

JP/deb said...

What a great gift!! You're a beautiful woman and artist :)


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How sweet you are and what a great friend too. Have a fabulous day. :)

Janet said...

I like the first one and the last one....but then you know me, and purple is always my favorite color. What a good friend you are to do this for her.

Mary Timme said...

I love them all! I like purple and gold, and turquoise, and red and etc. What a good friend to give a gifting like that! Happy Days to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing! I love the little dogs. Their eyes are just brilliant. I like all of them but the last one is my favorite.Making this is an outstanding sign of real friendship. :) Your so kind. :)

paisley said...

i totally love lucy's new header,, and i told her so the minute i saw it.. you are such an amazing person, artist, poet, and friend... i feel so blesses just knowing you!!!!!

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