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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Last daughter married

Bryan's sisters special day! Saturday the second of August!
Bride and Groom pose for casual pictures!
Mother with three of her seven boys, the bride her lovely daughter!
Seven out of her ten children are now married!
Grooms Parents
I have no idea how this transpired. I just know it was a funny moment captured on film!
I can bet there was alcohol involved though!
Jason and his proud father who gave a heartfelt amazing off the cuff speech!
This man truly adores his six foot seven handsome only son!

Anita and Jason enjoy their wedding meal prepared by family and friends!
Because they never celebrated their marriage with a big party, Pepper and Bryan just had to get in on the action by standing in front of this car!
My daughters in-laws, nieces and nephews! Just the immediate family! Count them, it's twenty seven! The majority of them seem to have some kind of blue on!
No one conferred about it either!
Peppers sister in laws, and mother in law! She adores them all!
The family banded together to make this wedding happen! Lots of last minute
preparations, you'd never know it from these photos!
My daughter and I hamming it up at the wedding! A great time was had by all,
not without a few glitches along the way! You can't help but have a little drama with
that many people!


Janet said...

Looks as if everyone had a fun day! Isn't it great that Pepper has such a wonderful family of in-laws. So many times it isn't that way....that's from the voice of experience!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

What a crew,everyone looks like they had a good time. you and your lovey should of jumped in and took the car for a ride.

Lucy said...

Wow, so many Wows here, but I can't help focusing on ' WOW SEVEN sons!! Holy MOly sherrie! I can't imagine 4 more than I already have! The worries that poor woman must go thru!
I love how the brides hair twisted at the top,very funky. AND YOUR hair my dear!!
Finally a photo of the new Do! I LOVE it, but need to see more views! GREat streak miss sassy Giggles!
How short is the right side?? I think you look Even better with your hair at shoulder length!

Mary Timme said...

It looks like a blast. What is with all the kids getting married at the last minute? Is there a plague of that sort of thing happening!? Still you all pulled it off!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a wild night. Love the photo's! Thanks for sharing them with us! *HUGS*
PS. Did you see our results of what you would do with a million? We must have put in almost the same things!
I just thought that was kewl!

Cookie Sunshine said...

Sherrie. It's so spooky...we could be sisters. You look a lot like my little sister...except with my hair. Whoa!

What a great wedding. Pepper will never be lonely for inlaws!

When you have time come over and check out the French Meadowettes. I think we need to start our own group.

Hugs and love,

Jen said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all.
Thanks for your comments
~from another SITS sista.

Alberta and Ava said...

This looks like a family that knows how to celebrate a joyous ocasion! My favorite picture is the one of you and Pepper; the two of you are simply beautiful.

JP/deb said...

Awesome photos - especially love the last one with mum & her girl! xx, JP/deb

tinker said...

That's a new twist on a wedding tradition - the bride carrying her sister-in-law! lol - looks like everyone had a blast. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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