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Monday, August 04, 2008

M&M's Mom& Mystele

Today when I awoke, I rushed to the computer to play a very fast game of scrabble. I was losing, with sixteen seconds left in the game, my opponent played a “p” something propelled me to play the word “hopeless” a bingo (using all seven letters) for a double triple word score and one hundred and sixty seven points! Giving me the win and highest point word I’ve ever had! I felt Mom with me, she loved scrabble as much as I do!

My mom passed away with lung cancer seventeen years ago today! To be honest, we had a labored relationship. Soon after she passed I forgave her not being everything I expected! Now I realize I expected too much, she really did the best she knew how, for that era! Yes my self esteem was somewhat scathed, but over the years I’ve managed to balance that out. Being the victim was never a healthy choice for me.

Also in my email inbox today was a win for a print from Mystele! I am thrilled to bits, as I adore all her folk art and have giggled like a school girl as I watched her little guy on a youtube video sitting on her knee while she announced the contest! Now the big dilemma is which beautiful print to pick as so many speak to me! I’m going to concentrate on one that will have a special place in my house!! Mystele has another contest taking place, so be sure to stop by her blog and leave a comment; you too could be a proud owner of a special print!


Janet said...

Yay for the scrabble score!!

My mom died about 30 years ago. We had an odd relationship but I still miss her. And, like you said, I know she did the best she knew how. That's all any of us can do.

Thanks for the link to Mystele's blog. Her paintings are adorable!!

Lucy said...

i need to say it again... WOW! How exciting a scrabble game! Mom was there, she handed you the 'p'. I love how you expressed your expectations, I too have been feeling the same about my own mother/daughter relationship. Aging= a bit more wisdom, eh?
Congrats on the painting too, Im headed over to her blog now!
(p.s. I totally forgot about that online scrabble site.. I haven't been there in forever and Still need to hookup with u one day!)

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