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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Some of my many purple things!

For my 12th Thursday Thirteen I decide to share 13 purple things in my home. There are many many more...but these are some of my favorites! To learn more about the meaning of Purple go here!

I have long had a romance with this vibrant regal color. People don't realize just how many complex shades of Purple there are. I can attest to it! Until last year many rooms were painted those different shades! I also have a deep love for shades of green. That's the phase I'm on now!

My brother gave me this lovely piece for a birthday one year! The artist lives next door to his mother in law. The man who created it lets the glass cure out on the roof of his house, over looking the water! This large bowl used to have potpourri in it. I could no longer stand by and let the dust bunnies take over so I threw it out! It sits tipped to the side on my dresser so I can enjoy it!
This is my favorite of all dishes. I love stained glass, wish I had some lamps. But this will suffice! I could use it to serve salad or chips. Instead I put a candle in it, so I can watch the light flicker through the brilliant glass. It gives me great pleasure. I know.....I'm a cheap date!! Hey... it makes me happy!
This was my moms large vase, I also have a small one to match it! I grew up with this in my childhood home. I think my mom loved colored glass as much as I do!
It's the exact same color as my bedroom and on-suite now!

I even have a wall of purple pictures frames. This is my favorite photo of my brother and I. Probably taken eight or nine years ago! Heaven forbid I should ever divorce purple!
These sweet swirly rod iron candle holders have purple candles in them to match my family room couch and curtains! As you can see my family room and kitchen is painted apple green! I still haven't shown my before and after pictures.
I am waiting to do a large canvas first!

When I saw this plaque at none other than that big "W" store.....it's a dirty word so I won't mention it! I had to have it! I still enjoy it too! It also represents who I am! Even the plum (color) says something...mind you it would have been more fitting if there was a " P" on the end of Plum for plump!
This is one of four prints that are graduated up my stairs. Each is a different color, orange, green, purple,blue with a different suit of cards! I love these prints. They represent who I used to be as a card player who enjoyed a cocktail! Now I rarely do either! Those past events have been replaced but I still love the memories and the colors.
This is the father bear I adopted from Pepper.
He sits on my bed with the mother and baby bear,
if he doesn't get booted off in the middle of the night!

This is one of four cushion covers that Pepper got me at a car free day street fair. Two of these green and purple and two orange. I would love a long coat made out of this style of material! With all the vivid colors! Although as much as I love orange I can't wear it!
This is the light fixture that hangs over my dining room table. As much as I love this piece it's not very practical, gives off very little light and not one of my smartest choices as far as common sense goes!
I have four of these wall hanging purple candle sconces, this is one of two in my bedroom, as you can see my bedroom is an eggplant color! I love these holders...they make me happy in their very special bohemian way!

This bobble is one of three hanging off my bed, with a bohemian style sari material! I love the vivid colors and these magenta and gold ornaments make me feel like a Goddess!
This heart hangs off a light switch in my living room! A wonderful reminder of what's important to me! I have other signs of peace scattered around too!
Peace fosters creativity and a grateful heart!
Thanks for letting me share this part of myself with you!


paisley said...

i have always loved purple... it has so many glorious shades and personalities...

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Good morning, love all the purple. I live on a street called Purple Sage, so it has both purple & green. It's funny what you said about my Lucy painting b/c my hubby said something similar. My hubby said "is she pissed off"? Hee hee! Hugs***Renea

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Not playing this week, but wanted to comment. I love purple too and I figured it was a favorite color of yours too based on your blog. Just saying. Have a great day sweetie. :)

Janet said...

All I can say is, I'm in heaven!! When can I move in?? Your home is fantastic....I love that bobble that hangs on your bed! Everything is just beautiful.

(We must be related somehow!!)

Alberta and Ava said...

These pictures are all so lucious. I bet your home is just amazing. I laughed out loud when you said Pepper is a bag lady too; I feel a kinship with that girl every time you write about her!

forgetfulone said...

I was looking forward to this post from last week, and you didn't disappoint! So many great, purple things. I love the chair, and the vase, and the light fixture, and the bobble in your bedroom. Terrifically purplish!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

So your saying you love purple? lol I love the light fixture over your table. everything is so beautiful.

Tammy said...

(((Sherrie))) I LOVE your sassy hair cut! I've been keeping up with up and what a craft, friend filled summer. I miss you girlfriend!

Purple is divine. :)


Lucy said...

Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful purple palace with us!
You have such unique purple prizes, LOVe
the sconces! Very Funky!
if you DO find a coat in that pillow pattern, would you clue me in on where it is? I would LOVE that and WE would look amazingly hip in that jacket! haha
we have so much in common Sher, but bears too?? Do you have more? I adore bears, purple bears? WEll THEY are the best.. I need to photograph my fav. one for you! xoxo
(this was such an original TT. LOve it!)

ceecee said...

Oh my, I love your sense of colors. I really like the purples and the greens... I don't have the guts to tempt wrath of the God-of-neutral-colors(ready hubby) with such colors. It's bad enough I painted the dining Pomodoro red and accented with apple green and gold. Your blog is so inspiring, I love it!

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