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Monday, September 01, 2008

The Dog Sweetie Pie

This seven year old Sweetie Pie was rescued from Katrina.
Bryan and Pepper met the dogs owners at the Luminaries festival!
She has one brown eye and one blue eye which apparently always shows up red and green in photos. So I left it that way!

The woman who rescued Sweetie pie is a grandmother. Her granddaughter encouraged her to rescue a Katrina dog after seeing an ad on television. This adorable Jack Russel was a milk producing mother in a puppy mill. Sick from the trauma of Katrina and continual breast feeding, Sweetie Pie was twenty fours hours from being destroyed, when she was rescued by this loving British Columbia grandma. Ultimately she was chosen because of her two different colored eyes, a reminder of the grandmothers deceased father who also had dissimilar eye colors! Katrina aid workers named and deemed this loving Jack Russel a Sweetie Pie because she so graciously fed all the rescued puppies.

Unconscious mutterings They say.....I think
  1. Groceries :: Don’t mind running from store to store to cherry pick all the good deals, but I hate putting them away!
  2. Deodorant :: Avon skin so soft the pink or tender moments for 99cents on sale, or mens deodorant…which seems to be the closest I can get to a man!
  3. Psychic ::very often…or intuitive…take your pick…I got a flash thought that my friends dad had died, it was confirmed the very next day he pretty much died the same time I got the thought….very freaky!
  4. Cherries ::One of my favorite fresh fruits, yet I despise cooked or marchino cherries on or in anything!
  5. Spooky ::Halloween, Not so much into the spooky part, more the comedic side of it…It’s fun to be an alter ego!
  6. Yogurt ::Mango vanilla dairy land is so yummy and it’s one flavor we all like here!
  7. Kitchen :: Was may favorite room in the house for years. No more though. Not as interested in being a domestic goddess!
  8. Nothing personal :: people should bleach or wax their upper lip if it looks like you have a permanent chocolate milk stain! I wish someone had told me years before I started doing it!
  9. Be nice ::to everyone…. It’s great Karma…and just brings good energy to you! Besides in the end only kindness matters!
  10. Delivery :: Pizza…. I think we should have one soon….maybe tonight…start with food end with food!


Anonymous said...

Awwww! What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. It is wonderful to rescue animals! I think that shows an outstanding side of you.
One green eye and one blue makes me think of Practical Magic the movie. I know this is a dog but in Practical Magic she wishes never to feel the agony of love. She writes down everything in her diary that she thought she'd never find in a man. One Green eye and one blue. Just made me think of that...hehehehehehe Anyway, what a sweetheart, sweetie pie is! Thanks for sharing with us!

forgetfulone said...

How about this... you run and get all the groceries for both of us, and I'll put them away for both of us, and I promise to do it neatly. I hate grocery shopping!

Alberta and Ava said...

I love this post and Sweetie Pie. Being a former resident of New Orleans and having so many students that were displaced by Katrina that I now bake a King Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras every year. BTW your short-ass hair is very becoming! ( I love "Practicial Magic" too; my twin nieces think that's who our family is).

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Oh that doggie sure is unique. That goodness he has a good home.

Lucy said...

One amazing cute Mamma doggie! I can't believe she nursed all those needy pups. HOw special she is! Thank goodness she was rescued. Can u believe that poor city is getting hit again? I haven't had the news on all day, I hope it's not too bad.
great mutterings Sher, can u believe we have Yet AnOTHER similarity! Cherrries!!
I hate cooked or marchino but love the real thing, I also hate flavorings like cherry lollys or cherry coughdrops. yulk
& #8 hahaha pet peeve of mine Sehr, when I see a client that is SO in need I tell them 'today I am doing free lip waxing, would u like one?!" haha

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