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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sunday Scribblings Miracle

Marshmallows of cellulite

Covered your infant body

As you lay sleeping

Daily I was jolted awake

With excitement

To scurry to your room

Hopeful, happy

To hear your precious coos

Grateful to hold you to my breast

Sniff your newborn head

Knowing you’re my miracle

Twenty odd years have past

A beautiful slim grownup

sits on the side of my bed

Starring pensively at me,

until I’m stirred awake

greeting me with a sweet voice

and fabulous scent

I'm so thankful to have you near

share your stories, dreams and happiness

Knowing you're still

my very own miracle!

In 1995 my dogs had a litter of three puppies. The mother adored me, followed where ever I went. If I left the room she'd carry her pups one by one to be with me. Even though a comfy makeshift crib made out of a cardboard watermelon box, layered with blankets was set up in our large kitchen. More than a few times the fragile puppies just days old stopped breathing. One particular time I started to panic, so Pepper only ten at the time scooped the dog out of my hand and resuscitated it by blowing gently into it's tiny mouth until it was fully revived. This little puppy was named Chance!


paisley said...

this was so tender.. the whole thing.. the poem,,t he lovely stopry about the puppies... this was just to adorable...

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How beautiful to watch a child grow into adulthood, and how wonderful to see the love of an animal transferred to us mortals who sometimes don't appreciate their unconditional love. Chance is a very lucky puppy. What an inspiring post. Thank you so very much. Big hug, and have a great day. :)

Tammy said...

What a beautiful miracle indeed! I LOVE puppies...awww! HUGS

Lucy said...

oooh How squeezably sweet little chance was!! I just melt with puppies.
And Pepper! What a little life saver to Chance And YOU. Your poem is so sweet, Of course when I saw the Prompt sher, My kids were the first miracles to pop in my head as well. Wonderful post for the prompt and for all us moms!
(gee the difference between daughters and sons might be The Scents! I wouldn't necessarily call my boys scents 'fabulous'

Mary Timme said...

Did you ever think the Mom Dog was a bit overwhelmed by those little ones and she just wanted you to take care of what she couldn't do a very good job of? I think you may be selling the Mom Dog and yourself a bit short, but how sweet a poem and picture. I love the truth behind it.

keithsramblings said...

Lovely miracles, lovely pictures and a lovely post! Ah.

Linda Jacobs said...

A wonderful miracle! Especially precious because of your daughter!

Granny Smith said...

Pepper and Chance are indeed miracles, as is the love that you express so well.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

life once again gives life. what a cute puppy and I love the name chance.

latree said...

kids are always miracles. I so agree, I wrote about the same thing here

susan said...

Enjoyed your take on the prompt. I have a 20 something now, too.

forgetfulone said...

Love the raw emotion in that poem.

linda may said...

Yes! The wonderful miracle of creating and watching life. Lovely.

tumblewords said...

Miracles, they are - those little babes grown to adults. Darling puppy story. I did that to a goldfish I was 'caretaking' once. It survived for quite a while afterward. Neat page, here!

tinker said...

What an adorable puppy! Hooray for Pepper - what a quick thinker at such a young age. Lucky Chance!

Nita Jo said...

Beautiful take on miracle. Such a touching poem, and the puppy pictured is adorable! Love the story about little Chance!

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