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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Thirteen various art forms!

Thursday Thirteen, thirteen photos of various Art forms! This fellow loves to make pattern prints on Return tops, put together scultures of lego!
He was at a festival in August. He agreed to let me post him as long as is was nice!
This is a sand scultpure of the Rolling Stones situated at the Vancouver P.N.E
to commemorate a first appearance there years ago!

These are photos of some prints the kids knew I would love.
Anyone recognize this artist or know the name?
I got Bryan to photograph the back of my hair immediately after it was done. Hair styles are also another important art form. Done properly we can look like a million dollars, a bad style can sculpt us into an instant frump!
Although I'm not one to personally have a tattoo, I certainly appreciate the artistic aspect of them and love watching programs such as Miami Ink to hear the heart wrenching stories behind the art!
Hidden tattoos with vivid ink and well thought out images were shared by a young store clerk. I complimented her stretched ears and jewelry, an older co worker volunteered proudly that she had many marks all over her body! We discussed it in detail. I was about to leave the store, then returned for a photo . She was sweet enough to oblige me. I regret not getting a photo of her pretty face and piercings! It's all interesting art to be enjoyed at our own discretion!
Check out that adorable red frog. It's rare to see such colorful tattoos,
I'm told some ink is better than others!
A beautiful planter of flowers!
Florists can make a beautiful bouquet rich with matching colors,
or they can mix it up so bad that its most distasteful!
Pooh made out of selected full jars and cans of food!
A tomato made out of selected full cans of food!
A semi permanent whale sculpture made with full tuna cans!
All of these cans of food will be donated to the food bank when the exhibition ends!
A small fiberglass car made for parades!
A tiny chair crafted by a logger with a chain saw!
Pepper was pulled from an audience of hundreds to help a Lumberjack hand saw some logs at the Pacific National Exhibition on sunday! Her ardent refusesal only enticed the audience to roar with laughter....after some argument she eventually sucumbed to the logger. Bryan suspected something was going to happen when the Lumberjack sat down beside them during the show! Her prize was this little chair. They toted it around all day, knowing once I saw the chair, accompanied with story I burst into fits of laughter. Which I did! I think it's adorable! I may even paint it up, find the Lumjacks website and send them a photo of the altered mini log chair! That's their coffee resting on it at the fair which managed to provoke a few more chuckles from passersby!


Janet said...

My favs here are the sand castle and the food can sculptures....those are amazing! I think art can be found in just about everything. And that's my problem!! I like it all and want to try it. Well, maybe not the tattoos!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Great Blog!
Sandra Evertson

Queen-Size funny bone said...

the sculptures out of the cans and jars is unbelievable. I am also amazed at what they do with Lego's.

Mary Timme said...

I think I loved it all. If those are old tattos, they sure look vibrant and new! Must be in the ink! And the chair, ah I'm still chuckling! What a fun day.

forgetfulone said...

All artistic! Your hair looks great, btw. I really really love the picture of the sand art. Amazing.

Tammy said...

First, your new blog look and hair are FABULOUS! What an artistic fun 13 Sherrie. That sand sculpture is so cool!

I was never a tat girl but I have been feeling adventureous. I'm getting my first tat for my BD this month. Lower back with a warrior's sword, heart, cross and Dave's name. I'm excited! Dave, not so much. lol


Lucy said...

THIS is a TTT! Terrific Thurs.13!!
LOVe all the various art forms, so happy you included your Hair!(it looks fab! As does the COLOR!)
The pooh was incredible!!
I hope you share your artwork on the adorable little chair!
I adored this post Gigs! xox

Victoria said...

For more on tattoos, check out my blog: www.victoriasrighthip.typepad.com/

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