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Monday, September 15, 2008

Unconcious mutterings

My friend Dream Goddess and I had coffee at the beach last night. It was so warm yesterday the sunset was breath taking! I didn't quite capture the sunset as I would have liked. I doctored the photo to get this! She took a couple of pictures of me but they didn't register on the camera, I may need a new card!
Unconscious Mutterings

They say...... and I think........

  1. Cut the crap ::Be truthful to yourself.....asking what I want is something I never did until now, it's freeing!
  2. Scent ::aroma of coffee, good perfume, baked bread and Christmas baking makes me happy
  3. Vanishing ::ire is a great start to peace
  4. Wetness ::rain abounds us living in British Columbia....but I love the cozy days by the fire.
  5. Cheap ::thrill is playing scrabble, or laughing until I almost pee my pants!
  6. Badges ::of honor and courage are worn by many of my friends.
  7. Puppy :: love....I love puppies and dogs in general, I feel myself weakening!
  8. Problem solver ::wise old crone...would be me and most of my gal pals.
  9. Gambling ::addiction, I think my mom had a slight one, not to the point of affecting our lives because she was so frugal....but just for a bit of pleasure and within reason she loved to gamble. Reno being her favorite place to go!
  10. Sophia ::Loren I am always reminded of her when I see Angelina Jolie!

Queensized asked when my painting took hold, so I decided to respond on my blog. I had no idea I could even draw a stick until I was 47 years old. My friend Violette saw how colorful and well put together my house was, she recommended I start a visual journal. It was a low point in my life, so I got a sketch pad at the dollar store and went to town. At first all these faces came about, I used sharpy pens to draw, then color them. Then a strange thing happened. Each face came with a unique name, so I wrote the names below each drawing. Another friend mentioned that one of the names was an old Nordic name, the people were known to be red heads. It was a name she recognized but I had never heard. The character I drew happened to have red hair. Keep in mind they weren't very good drawings either...I was just exploring this avenue. At the time I had no clue what anything meant.

Now when I look back, I see I may have had a slight bit of anger with men. I always seemed to sketch angry men. Not one to get mad very often I guess maybe I had a slight bit of suppressed anger from a messy divorce. Anyway, this discovery lead to digital art which you see a lot of on my blog, my acrylic Jayna's angels and the flower panel which I just completed upon request! So anyone on a quest of self discovery should take a pen, pencil or sharpy to paper and tap into yourself. I think you'll be surprise where it takes you. It may start out as a poem, a thought, or a pattern of color. Continue to delve into anything that surfaces, you will get better with practice.There is no need to share it with others until you feel safe/

My friends book Journal Bliss comes out on the 29th of April I will announce it again....I hope you will read her story and journaling tips...she is an awesome inspiration in person....I have no doubt her book will be too! I attribute all my art to being at the lowest point of my life and to Violette pointing me in the direction of my soul! I'm so glad I found the me I was meant to be!


gary rith said...

wow......quite a story and quite an entry!

Lucy said...

Your creative story is so inspiring Sherrie! From your detailed, exceptional art, you would think you've been doing it all your life. So happy Violette gave you the push you needed to release your hidden gift. It's a gift to be able to watch you create.
I have also been coaxed as you were and DID pick up the paint brush. Do you remember that? Unfortunately, even
though it was relaxing and enjoyable... No hidden talents were found! haha
your mutterings were muteautiful!
I already think of you as my problem solver! I have one for you next time we talk! xox

paisley said...

Cheap ::thrill is playing scrabble, or laughing until I almost pee my pants!

ALMOST????? how old did you say you are??? LOL!!!! this one had me peeing... i mean laughing.......

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I wish I lived closer to the beach.

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