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Monday, October 06, 2008

Alan Rhyason and Stacy Sakai

Click on the images to enlarge the photos and share in a better perspective!
Yesterday Laura, the kids and I attended "The Drift" an inspiring Art Festival studio Tour on Main street in Vancouver, where we chatted with some extremely talented artists. This one in particular struck our fancy. His flare for amalgamating accumulated pieces from world travels, recycled items, bits of nature, restored free finds, with modern, was so impressive. It was such a treat to visit lofts where artist create. Alan was so forthright about his creative process, cost of living space and where he finds his base pieces. His black and white decorated loft was accented with great splashes of color. The framed pink material behind his couch screamed tasteful decorator in the house!
The funky black and white wall paper with the vintage looking coo- coo clock painted white was exquisite!
I'm such a freak for patterns so I was thrilled to have a peek in his bedroom. The headboard is a free find, that just happened to fit perfectly at the end of his bed, he covered it with a shower curtain marketed by a very famous television perfectionist we all know and find threatening. Isn't it fabulous? Especially matched with the duvet cover, and framed black and white print! A minimal cost too! My photo' s just don't do the space justice.
This artist lives the creative life. Always thinking. He seems passionate about his work with the wheels spinning out continuous great ideas. This feathered light fixture is one of them. Alan Rhyason's works in Furniture, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, and Textiles you can see more of his art pieces here! Recycled video tapes hang as a wonderful fringe curtain for his kitchen creating a fun conversation piece to be sure! While he fashioned a posh set of fabric curtains to mount in the living room! Such dexterity to this guys talent!
Another cool find, was this shimmering light fixture. As you can see Alan has impeccable taste. It was such a joy speaking with this self taught humble artist. We ALL came away extremely inspired by him!

Stacy Sakai shared some of her dynamic paintings presented in her friends immaculate loft! You can visit Stacy at her website here where you will find many of her other art pieces along with poignant writing.

Showcased are canvases from Stacy's Stellar Drift Series, where she focuses on nebulae for her paintings. Stacy's warm blend of colors in the series would be a welcome treasure to anyone looking for that lovely sense of serenity in a luxurious piece of art.
A photo of Laura standing outside the old butcher shop venue on 26th and Main. Hard to believe this beauty has a migraine. Unfortunately pain is not always visible to the eye. Does anyone have a miracle cure for migraines? If so please share. She's tried everything to no avail! It's hard to watch your friend suffer.
A funky piece of art spruces up the the side of a building in the old part of Vancouver's Main street. A place where artists and musicians gravitate to be one with creativity!
We had the pleasure of picking up a few art supply deals at the Ruby Dog garage sale. It was a beautiful fall day, only started to sprinkle on the drive home. A very poetic way to end the day!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you said it, that is A LOT of cool art and interiors!

Janet said...

Wow....I love that guy's place! He definitely has a flair for decorating.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I love black and white. yet i also love bright colors. I just painted another piece of furniture black and I love it.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How fun. I haven't done this in way too long. Love it all. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with us! What a wonderful post!!! :) Love the background to your blog. Love the song that you have on your blog. :)
I love you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful freak by The Eels was playing when I was looking at your blog.Love the message in it. Love all the songs you've chosen though.

forgetfulone said...

Really impressive stuff! I love the pink and white (or maybe it's red and white) wall art in the first picture. That's my favorite!

CattyCat said...

You've been MEME tagged at this blog:


If you go to my DO YOU REMBMBER blog, on the right at the bottom of the lists is the link to this new blog I'm just starting.

Tammy said...

Loved the art share!


Gemma said...

COOL!What is it about art? I want more art!!! Every chance I get I seek out art just like you do!!!
This was a good find!!!!love it!

LadyTulip said...

Wonderful, wonderful Art! You had such a great time, I can tell!! Share more of this work when you can, pleeze??!!


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