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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Scribblings " My Style"

I only wish I was as thin as I portray myself, but of course they always
say there is a thin person residing in a fat body! This IS true!

Sunday scribblings prompt this week asks " what's your style!"

My Style

My style is unexciting I’d admit

Not as bold as yesterday

Pounds crept up oe’r the years

Now I present in a new way

Black dresses are my best friend

With long coat tops, in colors galore

Jewelry defines my creative side

A bohemian goddess, who lived once before

Shoes are now the slip on type

Black ones I do prefer

Bright colors of the past I avoid

Subduing fat I can’t defer

Attractive current clothes are hard to locate

In a size such as mine

So if I find a suitable piece

I claim every color at the time

I have jewelry in many shades and styles

Yet bracelets are not my thing

But I feel totally nude

Leaving home without every ring

Bright Make up for my eyes and lips

A few streaks for my hair

I have a variety of fragrances

Depends on my mood what I wear

As years go by, I feel more discrete

Yet beige I do deplore

Because no matter how dull I become

I’m not a color you’ll ignore!


Rambler said...

there are so many talents inside us, why bother how we appear outside..very well done.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

As a matter of fact I think Crayola should name a color after YOU....

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Tammy said...

Your style is reflected from the inside out. A beautiful spirit can never be dull. HUGS

Lucy said...

oh sweet sher, i love this!
Your pic is OH SO you! would you consider switching your header pic to this one once in a while?
I like your style so much sista!

Tammie Lee said...

Wonderful piece of art with a great spirit. Sounds like you have a fun style.

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Love the picture, Like the idea of a bohemian goddess!

Well written piece for this prompt!

JP/deb said...

that's right - there's no ignoring a GODDESS!!! awesome poem! xx, JP/deb

Patois said...

No, it would be impossible to ignore such vibrancy.

paisley said...

what a cute little poem.. i need to find a self of style to cover up,,,, or i mean accentuate who i have become.......

forgetfulone said...

Your style is so much more than how you dress! And you have style! I can tell in the photos I've seen from you.

Anonymous said...

This piece is pure joy! And I just love that picture.

jadey said...

I love this piece it was done with such a flair and from the heart.

Cookie Sunshine said...

You are beautiful, inside and out. I love the poem and the portrait, even more the friend.

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