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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Updated, More of Alan Ryhason

I thought you might be interested in seeing a little more Alan Ryhason's artwork. This is an interesting textile he created of his name! I love the black and white pattern.
The curtain hung in the kitchen area is made out of " The Blair Witch Project" video tapes. Quite a whimsical conversation piece! Everything is so meticulously crafted that even after intricate inspection it's hard for the naked eye to see how it's done!
A reproduction canvas transfer from an artist called Duplock.
The piece is entitled "Nero Fistral Blanco"
Alan inherited the gray bird Radju conducive to the getting a friends apartment, who was moving home for further schooling. Unfortunately the mother wasn't welcoming to the bird. Alan has had Radju the clever cockatiel who can talk and sing almost ten years now and loves him dearly.

Alice the yellow bird was adopted from the Greyhaven bird sanctuary as a hopeful lover, friend and partner for Radju. Her elderly owner had passed away, Alice took to Radju instantly and now almost a year later he is smitten with her!

Looks to be a photo shopped version of his living room! Love the pink hues!
More of Alan's work, hundreds of marbles drilled into a 3'x4' piece of maple plywood.

Another view from his living room into the kitchen area! The walls are covered in mac tac the circles are individually mapped out with a hand made circle compasses on more mac tac then cut out with a small exacto knife, then hand painted with a matt black paint. Very time consuming with an incredible outcome! Just goes to show what ingenuity can do for a rented loft!
Note that the curtains in this photo are also created by Alan. He created and cut out all the patterns then sewed them to the bottom of the plain cotton fabric
This has to be my favorite piece of all....another textile piece of his name! I love the combination of patterns.The black and white, peppered with varied patterns and splashes of color makes for a very pristine looking loft! Next week I'll share some of Alan's spectacular travel photos.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

my husbands name is alan you think he'd let me have one of those pieces. lol

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Lucy said...

wow, what an incredible artist!
YOU had fun there!! Love your love of the arts and the unusual! xox

Kai said...

Aloha Sherri,
I always love black and white art, probably because i'm hopeless with anything other then a pencil..
so i can aprechiate ALAN's art..
thank you for sharing sweetie!
peace, Kai

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