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Monday, October 27, 2008

Thirty five years ago!

October 27th, 1973

What's past

Thirty five year ago today

A dream was alive

Strolling hand in hand with hope

Along a path of the unknown

Naivety lead the way

To a promising future

A forever friend by her side

With the essence of prosperity

Children, intensified love

Permeating her life

After a year, things were clear

When bellowing filled the air

She learned to submit

As she witnessed it

Doors punched with holes

Still she went on

Small flame a flicker

Never understanding

What she’d done wrong

She held steadfast to improve

With strength she forged ahead

One weighted foot after the other

Traipsing in the sludge

That was now her existence

Years past by, she’d relented

Sadness infused her reality

A baby brought reprieve

Small ray of hope revisited

A new life to anticipate

She made happiness abound

Despite the obvious dismay

Twenty three years snapped by


Lost in a mulch of misery

Numb, lonely, soul dying

She knew the end was near

Complicated logistics

Delayed conclusion

Then as quick and sinister

As a tornado

It was done


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I hope this is a happy ending and not a sad one. What an awful way to live. Big hug. :)

Cookie Sunshine said...

...and how wonderfully well you do!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

some things need to egin and others need to end.

paisley said...

it is situations like this that make me think us teaching that love and or marraige is forever is a cruel lie,, and maybe we should rethink raising another generation to believe that all of their wildest dreams will only come true,, if they find their soul mate and live happily ever after....

i am so glad you are free......

Lucy said...

wow this poem is so chilling.
I can't believe HOW young you were!
and like my true soul sista, YOu picked a day.. ONE day after I did! interesting, NO?
I cry for all you had to endure. Thank god you had the strength to get out of it.
In the face of adversity.. YOU made changes happen! That isn't an easy thing to do and so many choose to sit and do nothing. Im so proud of you. xoxo

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

a beautiful bride...

nonizamboni said...

Whoa! what a collection of images! pain and sadness, heart sick. Your words and your life are a testament to growth and strength.
Thanks for sharing.

forgetfulone said...

For me, it was only 17 years ago, but the pain is fresh sometimes still. Great poem!

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