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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Scribblings Crazy about me?

With Halloween a week away I thought I’d share the creative pumpkins I made in the past, along with the template to make your own!

For Sunday Scribblings this week;

I don’t like myself, I’m CRAZY ABOUT MYSELF!!! Mae West

This week: bragging. What's awesome about you? You can pick one awesome thing, or list as many as you can. Don't be shy!

It's all Crazy!

I can sing, and I can dance

But I don’t do it anymore

I can sew, crochet too

But that’s become a bore

I can roller skate, and swim,

Hit a golf ball too!

All things in my past

I no longer do

I can fix a vacuum,

Make the odd repair

Cut, and perm tresses

But I’m no longer there

I used to like to cook and clean

Now it seems mundane

Used to decorate at lengths

Now it’s just a pain

I used to love the festivals

Where crowds would congregate

Now I’m disinterested

Scrabbles now my fate

I can play piano, and bridge

That’s behind me now

All a stage I’ve enjoyed

Some may raise a brow

Am I depressed? You may ask

My times filled to the brim

I take care of the essentials

then follow a creative whim

It seems an endless cavern

With so much to explore

My extensive imagination

Who could possibly want more?

When you find your bliss, it’s all uphill from there! I am a multifaceted human being with many assets and foibles; I wanted to kibitz and jest about what I used to be. Yes I am wild about investigating my attributes, but rarely feel phased by it anymore. When I was young I tried too hard, on a quest for approval. In the end it cost me my health. Now I enjoy my contentment. It’s was a lot of wasted time and energy chasing appreciation, adoration and approval. Now I live and let live, in an atmosphere conducive to solace and creativity, with a collection of peaceful people! I’m not soliciting endorsements, so it’s rare to ponder what I like about myself…. I just am what I am! Living in the moment! So be it!! Self approval is optional!

Click image to enlarge the template. For the story how they transpired click here!


Linda Jacobs said...

Sound like you've led an accomplished life! This is the way it's supposed to be. We try things, we like them, but then we move on. I never wrote a poem until I was 40. If I hadn't moved on to something new, I never would have!

I really like this poem of yours!

B. Roan said...

Sounds to me like you are a multi-talented person. Just because you may have lost interest in some things doesn't mean you can't. I'm going to try the template. Thanks. BJ

Patois said...

Oh, but I think self-approval should be a requirement. And with your many talents, it's got to be.

Amazing, all the things you know how to do.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm going pumpkin carving tonight and im going to try this one. thanks. they look great.

keith ramblings said...

You sound so contented. Fancy a game of scrabble?

Tammy said...

Growth is a beautiful thing and you kept all the best parts.

Cool Pumpkins!


forgetfulone said...

What a fabulous poem! It's so great to be comfortable with where we are in life, too.

I think you're pretty awesome and talented. Love the pumpkins.

danni said...

it just blows my mind when i hear of people who have learned to live in the moment --- how i envy you - i'm way past seeking approval but far from having the peace and solace that living in the moment would bring - nevertheless i endure in my quest for my own bliss and tranquility - great poem, love your candor!!!

SweetTalkingGuy said...

I think the end of your poem speaks volumes, imagination is definately the key!

Lucy said...

Live and let live! VivA LA Giggles!
We should all enjoy such peaceful contentment like you've grown to enjoy.
You've found your 'happy place' (Happy Giggles!)
I loved discovering some of your attributes, whether used or not anymore, they are all a part of who you are! You didn't mention.. ONE hell of a poet too!
An intuitive,caring, loving.. friend, mother, sister! AND all around empathetic humanitarian! Love ya Gigg! xoxo

Tammie Lee said...

Your writing read with grace and depth. Love that you took a stance about thing you once did that are not as enthralling. Seems you have made a deep peace with yourself and your life. This must feel good.

nonizamboni said...

So beautifully written--hopeful and above all, peaceful! When I was young I tried too hard, on a quest for approval. Me too! and I'm glad to know another kind soul who has flown way higher than all of that.
Thanks for sharing such an encouraging post!

Alberta and Ava said...

I think you are a woman of great wisdom. To be comfortable and happy with who you are is a great blessing indeed. To me, creativity has everything to do with being fulfilled and contented. I love your pumpkins too!

Rob Kistner said...

"When you find your bliss, it’s all uphill from there!"

That phrase defines the yin and yang of life.

You're living a life worthy of praise -- bravo to you... ;)

Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

I just love these pumpkins! Thank you for sharing the template!

Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

I just love these pumpkins! Thank you for sharing the template!

Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

I just love these pumpkins! Thank you for sharing the template!

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