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Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen " In Costume"

Gypsy Goddess dressed for the polar bear swim
Sister beside her looking quite trim
Mother and daughter host a naughty party
Everyone showed up, not one lady was tardy!

Boa's galore, tried on in a store....who could resist, and opportunity like this?
Teddy bear picnic, face painted in disguise,
brought a twinkle to my little girls eye!
Oh la la la look what she wears
An outfit to garner quite a few stares!
Dressing up in a unique way
Wearing red they honor Canada Day

Halloween honey is just a teen
My little rag doll looking quite lean!
Gypsy Goddess is just on the brink
in her swim outfit she runs to the drink!
Slashed at the neck, I was the screamer you know
for a haunted house event, I did so long ago!
Babies first Halloween, make up was bold
unaware of the celebration at two years old
Now here's my pirot doll happy as can be
Thrilled with the outfit, she picked it with glee!
Clowning around for the kindergarten class
Mother and daughter built memories to last
Sweet as can be in a shiny pink wig
My little girl always trying to act big!
Parade of lost souls, two lovers attend!
Thursday thirteen, this is the end!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

oh those were great. i like the mom and daughter photos.

forgetfulone said...

Great poem to go with your picture parade! I love the second photo the most, but they are all great. The one with the neck slashed is quite gruesome!

Patois said...

Those costumes are so impressive. I'm awe-struck. And your lovely poem fits the "slide show" perfectly.

LadyTulip said...

** Great Post!! **

Love the poetry and wonderful photos!! A fun trip down memory lane with fun & games for today!!


Lucy said...

haha These gave me a smile giggles! LOVE the one of you and Pepper (2nd photo)
they are all so fun and so full of love of fun! If you give out peanut chews, I am coming to canada to party on halloween! xox

Gemma said...

Great Halloween pix!
What are you going to be this year??? Wish we could get together and cackle
heh heh heh!

Tammy said...

Delightful shots Sherrie! XXOO

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh that is the funniest collection!!! And what a group of pumpkins too!

Cookie Sunshine said...

What fun memories and delightful prose!

altermyworld said...

This has got to be my most favorite post, its like a step through time, thank you for always sharing. Love your friend.

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