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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, Loads of memories

My dad at his retirement party. Fifteen months later the following photo was taken.
It would be my dads 89th birthday today! This was one of two times he ever held his grand daughter. She was only two weeks old when he first met Pepper. So frail and weak he could only hold her for a very short time. He died four weeks later.
I adored my dad, he really understood me. Knowing when I was unhappy, he always attempted to fix my problems. He was the one to replace the white meat on my plate with dark, during a family turkey dinner, because he saw me acting pensive about choking on the dry meat. He rescued me when my mom left me cry too long. He educated me about sex, to protect me from over zealous boys. He roller skated with me, taught me how to hit a baseball, and a golf ball. He once slapped a neighbor hood male bully in retaliation to a slap the boy gave me. He drove me to high school every morning, was a great listener, and a sage father.

insisted that my brother and I repect and love each other. He dissuaded any quarreling. It was dad’s mantra, to repeat and remind us, that he was an older parent, would one day die, leaving us to take care of each other. He was my best relationship as a child.

The black and white photo is of us playing cards while camping in Penticton, I was five. I miss you dad. I wish he could have seen my relationship with Pepper. He would have been proud. Thankfully she married someone as gentle spirited as him!

Six years old
This little girl was born on my fathers last birthday; when he was sixty-six.

One years old at Pepper first Birthday

Dream Goddess's daughter turns 23 years old today! I remember the moment my friend told me she was pregnant. We were walking out the door of our place of employment, on our way to lunch. She revealed she was three months along, I was so thrilled, I started to cry. Which was odd for me because I didn't cry easily.

One of the other girls we worked with was already pregnant. I was a great believer things come in threes. When I innocently wondered aloud who would be next, our boss looked at me without hesitation and said "I guess it's you!" With eyes bulging, I quipped something to the affect of "bite your tongue, I DON'T THINK SO!!!" very adamantly.It was the middle of May.I'd just bought a brand new house, we were moving on July 15th, 1985. I was way too busy to be pregnant.

Little did I know I was with child at that moment, possibly a couple of days pregnant when I heard Dream Goddess’s great news. Something was amiss according to my dog, who for the moment let no one near me without showing his teeth. The doctor confirmed my suspicion.

Our girls are exactly three months, to the day apart. It wasn't planned that way; I planned to get pregnant the following September, three months after we were settled in our new place. Apparently it happened the day we signed the papers for our new house.
We ate lunch together most days, talked baby stuff. When they were born we did things together with our girls. At times the girls would purposely dress alike so people would think they were sisters. I remember one particular time we were at a trade show of some kind and they were wearing overalls when people asked them if they were twins. They were thrilled. As you can see they look nothing alike. They loved the attention at the time.

Teddy Bear Picnic

As they grew up, they grew apart. Each choosing different paths they are both strong women, productive adults with big hearts! Happy Birthday Whitney! I cropped these photos for you! Hope you enjoy them!

My favorite photo of the two of them. Tired out from Whitney's birthday party

Whitneys' Birthday

Peppers birthday at Chucky Cheese!
Balloon Bellies, girls just wanna have fun!


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm sorry about your dad honey. I miss mine too. What a wonderful tribute. Big hug. :)

Lucy said...

oh sherrie. I am all choked up over here.first for your beautiful words and photos of you and your dad. I so wish I would have gotten to know mine like that.( He passed when i was 3)
How sad that you don't still have your dad in your life, he was a wonderful dad and friend to u.
Second, I am teary for Peppers friendship with whitney. I had that kind of friendship too and alas like Pep and whit, we grew apart. I recently had her over to lunch and we reminisced but also ached for the 30 years without memories we could have made with all our children too.
oh dear... you have me a mess over here.
but thanks. I sometimes like to feel like an emotional wreck! xoxo

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Just one more wondeful way to keep him alive in your heart. very nice memories.

Chris said...

Your dad was truly a lovely person. Mine, too, which is why, I suppose we won't settle for anything less. Good luck to us!! Thanks for the pictures of my baby, they were so cute together! And now they are just as cute! She has spent the last 24 hours working on a paper for school! Those carefree days are far behind, but I try to remind her to have fun, too.

Sweet memories, thank you.

hugs, Chris

Lisa said...

Such a beautiful tribute, to your dad and to the girls. xoxoxox

paisley said...

sherrie this was beautiful.. a true tribute to the two people i know you love ever so dearly.. what a joy to have the privilege of knowing and loving two such fine people... and i can tell just by what i know about you from afar,, that they are blessed to have you in their lives as well.....

Charlie said...

These are great memories. You had a wonderful Dad and some great memories of him. It's so hard when they leave us. I know I miss mine too. The girls are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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